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1986 Annual Progress In Child Psychiatry

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Published August 16, 2012 by Routledge

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First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Table of Contents

Part I: Infancy Studies Meltzoff, Immediate and Deferred Imitation in Fourteen- and Twenty-Four-Month-Old Infants. Dunn, Plomin, Nettles, Consistency of Mothers’ Behavior Toward Infant Siblings. Part II: Developmental Issues Scarr, Constructing Psychology: Making Facts and Fables for Our Times. Wilson, Risk and Resilience in Early Mental Development. Horner, The Psychic Life of the Young Infant: Review and Critique of the Psychoanalytic Concepts of Symbiosis and Infantile Omnipotence. Murphy, Vogel, Looking Out from the Isolator: David’s Perception of the World. Part III: Gender Identity Fagot, Changes in Thinking about Early Sex Role Development. Huston, The Development of Sex Typing: Themes from Recent Research. Harkness, Super, The Cultural Context of Gender Segregation in Children’s Peer Groups. Coates, Person, Extreme Boyhood Femininity: Isolated Behavior or Pervasive Disorder. Green, Gender Identity in Childhood and Later Sexual Orientation: Follow-Up of 78 Males. Gualtieri, Hicks, An Immunoreactive Theory of Selective Male Affliction. Part IV: Sociocultural Issues Powell, Self-Concepts among Afro-American Students in Racially Isolated Minority Schools: Some Regional Differences. Krell, Therapeutic Value of Documenting Child Survivors. Chivian, Mack, Waletzky, Lazaroff, Doctor, Goldenring, Soviet Children and the Threat of Nuclear War: A Preliminary Study. Hsu, Tseng, Ashton, McDermott, Jr., Char, Family Interaction Patterns among Japanese-American and Caucasian Families in Hawaii. Stevenson, Stigler, Lee, Lucker, Kitamura, Hsu, Cognitive Performance and Academic Achievement of Japanese, Chinese, and American Children. Part V: Temperament Studies Matheny, Jr., Riese, Wilson, Rudiments of Infant Temperament: Newborn to Nine Months. Stevenson, Fielding, Ratings of Temperament in Families of Young Twins. Oberklaid, Prior, Nolan, Smith, Flavell, Temperament in Infants Born Prematurely. Maziade, Capéraà, Laplante, Bouderault, Thivierge, Côté, Boutin, Value of Difficul Temperament among 7-Year-Olds in the General Population for Predicting Psychiatric Diagnosis at Age 12. Part VI: Children of Divorce Hetherington, Cox, M., Cox, R., Long-Term Effects of Divorce and Remarriage on the Adjustment of Children. Wallerstein, Children of Divorce: Preliminary Report of a Ten-Year Follow-Up of Older Children and Adolescents. Part VII: Depression in Childhood and Adolescence Digdon, Gotlib, Developmental Considerations in the Study of Childhood Depression. Robbins, Alessi, Depressive Symptoms and Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents. Part VIII: Autism Ornitz, Neurophysiology of Infantile Autism. Rumsey, Rapoport, Sceery, Autistic Children as Adults: Psychiatric, Social, and Behavioral Outcomes. Ritvo, Freeman, Mason-Brothers, Mo, Ritvo, Concordance for the Syndrome of Autism in 40 Pairs of Affected Twins. Part IX: Other Clinical Issues Rutter, Sandberg, Epidemiology of Child Psychiatric Disorder: Methodological Issues and Some Substantive Findings. Kraemer, Korner, Anders, Jacklin, Dimiceli, Obstetric Drugs and Infant Behavior: A Reevaluation. Spurlock, Assessment and Therapeutic Intervention of Black Children. Gualtieri, Hicks, Neuropharmacology of Methylphenidate and a Neural Substrate for Childhood Hyperactivity. Finkelhor, Browne, The Traumatic Impact of Child Sexual Abuse: A Conceptualization. Drotar, Crawford, Psychological Adaptation of Siblings of Chronically Ill Children: Research and Practice Implications. Part X: Intervention Programs Zigler, Assessing Head Start at 20: An Invited Commentary. Provence, On the Efficacy of Early Intervention Programs. Shore, The Clinician as Advocate: Interventions in Court Settings – Opportunites, Responsibilities, and Hazards.

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