2019 Rock Dynamics Summit : Proceedings of the 2019 Rock Dynamics Summit (RDS 2019), May 7-11, 2019, Okinawa, Japan book cover
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2019 Rock Dynamics Summit
Proceedings of the 2019 Rock Dynamics Summit (RDS 2019), May 7-11, 2019, Okinawa, Japan

ISBN 9780367347833
Published July 23, 2019 by CRC Press
818 Pages

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Book Description

Rock dynamics has become one of the most important topics in the field of rock mechanics and rock engineering, and involves a wide variety of topics, from earthquake engineering, blasting, impacts, failure of rock engineering structures as well as the occurrence and prediction of earthquakes, induced seismicity, rock bursts to non-destructive testing and explorations. Rock dynamics has wide applications in civil and infrastructural, resources and energy, geological and environmental engineering, geothermal energy, and earthquake hazard management, and has become one of the most topical areas.

2019 Rock Dynamics Summit contains 8 keynote addresses and 128 regular full papers that were presented at the 2019 Rock Dynamics Summit (2019 RDS, Okinawa, Japan, 7-11 May 2019), a specialized conference jointly organized by the Rock Dynamics Committee of the Japanese Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE-RDC), the Japanese Society for Rock Mechanics (JSRM), and which was supported by the International Society for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (ISRM) and the Turkish National Society for Rock Mechanics (TNSRM). The contributions cover a wide range of topics on the dynamic behavior of rock and rock masses and scientific and engineering applications, and include:

- Laboratory tests on Dynamic Responses of Rocks and Rock Masses / Fracturing of Rocks and Associated Strong Motions
- Estimation Procedures and Numerical Techniques of Strong Motions Associated with the Rupture of Earth’s Crust and Some Strong Motion
- Dynamic Response and Stability of Rock Foundations, Underground Excavations in Rock, Rock Slopes Dynamic Responses and Stability of Stone Masonry Historical Structures and Monuments
- Induced Seismicity
- Dynamic Simulation of Loading and Excavation
- Blasting and machinery induced vibrations
- Rockburst, Outburst, Impacts
- Nondestructive Testing Using Shock Waves
- Case Histories of Failure Phenomenon in Rock Engineering 

2019 Rock Dynamics Summit contains the state-of-the-art in rock dynamics, and will be invaluable to professionals and academics interested in the latest advances in new techniques for experiments, analytical and numerical modelling as well as monitoring in dynamics of rocks and rock engineering structures.

Table of Contents


Application of high performance computing for earthquake hazard and disaster estimation 
M. Hori

Monitoring, assessment and mitigation of rock burst and gas outburst induced seismicity in longwall top coal caving mining                                                                    
S. Durucan, W. Cao, W. Cai, J-Q, Shi, A. Korre G. Si, S. Jamnikar & J. Roser

An overview of research into understanding coal burst                                              
I. Canbulat, C. Zhang, & J. Watson

Fracture tests on tocks under different loading rates: Progressive fracture mechanism and rate dependence of fracturing profiles                                                                  
F. Dai

Spatial variation in stress in seismogenic zones in South African gold mines                       
H. Ogasawara, A. Ishida, K. Sugimura, Y. Yabe, S. Abe, T. Ito, A. Funato, H. Kato, B. Liebenberg, G. Hofmann, L. Scheepers, R. J. Durrheim, The SATREPS & DSeis Teams

Assessment of a complex large slope failure at Kışlaköy open pit mine, Turkey                      
R. Ulusay, Ö. Aydan & A. Ersen

Seismic Response and Stability of Rock Tunnels: - Its History and Problems Today                   
K. Kamemura

Dynamic analysis and investigation of vibrations induced by train from the subway station          
K. Shahriar, M. Mahmoodi, & A. Torkashvand

T1: Laboratory tests on Dynamic Responses of Rocks and Rock Masses; Fracturing of Rocks and Associated Strong Motions

Determination of dynamic elastic properties from the frequency of natural vibration by using impact acoustics                                                                          
T. Yamabe, M. Osada & C. Adachi

Analysis of rock fracture toughness (mode I) by dynamics simulation code                           
C. Song, D. Kim, S. M. Lee, J.Y. Oh, J. H. Kim, J.Y. Park, S.G. Choi & J.W. Cho

Evaluation of elastic region of the surrounding bedrock using the cyclic unconfined compression test of rocks                                                                          
K. Murakami, K. Yokota, A. Iwamori, T. Okada & A. Sekiguchi

Experimental study on dynamic fracturing behavior under blasting loading in PMMA                   
S. Jeon, S. Choi, S. Lee, B. Jeon & H. Jeong

Study on dynamic shear strength and deformation characteristics of rock discontinuity.             
J. Yoshida, T. Sasaki, & R. Yoshinaka

Laboratory observations of fracture plane reactivation induced by pore pressure in Kimachi sandstone   
D. Asahina, M. Sato, & M. Takahashi

The behaviour of Oya tuff pillars under static and shock loading                                   
T.K.M Dintwe, T. Seiki, Ö. Aydan & N. Tokashiki

Experimental investigation on the fatigue mechanical properties ofintermittent jointed rock under random cyclic uniaxial compression                                                           
Y. Liu & F. Dai

Experimental study of scale effect in rock discontinuities on stick-slip behavior                  
R. Kiyota, N. Iwata,Ö. Aydan & N. Tokashiki

Evaluation of the Dynamic Shear Strength of Rocks under Confining Pressure                         
G. Min, S. Oh, S. Park, S. Cho, Y. Yoo & L. Park

A new constitutive equation for a solid material                                                   
E. Nakaza

Measuring seismic properties of fine sediments in an off-Earth environment                         
M.A. Dello-Iacovo, S. Saydam & R.C. Anderson

Effect of Different Parameters on Post-Peak Response of Rocks                                      
A. Taheri & H. Munoz

Ultrasonic Wave Properties of Weathered Sandstones in Khorat Group and their Factors Affecting     
W. Sukplum & L. Wannakao

Dynamic fracture properties of rocks subjected to static pre-load and hydrostatic confining
W. Yao, K. Xia & R. Chen

Fatigue Life Characteristics of Limestone in Karst Tunnel                                          
C.S. Qiao

Dynamic shear strength of an artificial rock joint under cyclic and seismic wave loading           
T. Okada & T. Naya

Shock test on rounded rock fragments in Suruga Bay sediments and its implications on past mega-earthquakes                                                                                   
I. Sakamoto & Ö. Aydan

Dynamic-deformation characteristics of granite under uniaxial compressive stress                   
N. Kamoshida, H. Yamamoto & T. Saito

Determination of dynamic mode II fracture toughness of rocks using a dynamic punch-through shear method                                                                         
Wei Yao, Kaiwen Xia & Ying Xu

The effect of characteristics of back-filling material on the seismic response and stability of castle retaining-walls                                                                
Y. Yamashiro, Ö. Aydan, N. Tokashiki, J. Tomiyama & Y. Suda

An experimental study on the formation mechanism of tsunami boulders                               
K. Shimohira, Ö. Aydan, N. Tokashiki, K. Watanabe & Y. Yokoyama

Some considerations on the static and dynamic shear testing on rock discontinuities                
Ö. Aydan

Inelastic mechanical behavior of granite under spherical indentation loading condition with emphasis on a criteria for damage description                                                 
H. Shariati, M. Saadati & P.L. Larsson

A trial to reveal stress recovery at Nojima fault after the 1995 Kobe earthquake by core-based measurement methods                                                                  
W. Lin, S. Yano, T. Sugimoto, T. Nishiwaki & A. Lin

T2: Estimation Procedures and Numerical Techniques of Strong Motions Associated with the Earthquakes

Methodology to back-analyze the slip-weakening distance of induced seismicity, considering seismic efficiency                                                                     
A. Sainoki & C. Hirohama

Effects of fault geometry and subsurface structure model on the strong motion and surface rupture induced by the 2014 Kamishiro Fault Nagano Earthquake                              
N. Iwata, R. Kiyota, Ö. Aydan, T. Ito & F. Miura

Comparison of stress field change around a fault by dynamic fault rupture simulation using 3D-FEM  
N. Iwata, R. Kiyota, Ö. Aydan, T. Ito & F. Miura

Analysis of surface fault displacements in 2014 Nagano-ken-hokubu earthquake by high performance computing                                                                      
M. Sawada, K. Haba & M. Hori

Ground motion observation in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia                                       
Y. Ono, T. Noguchi, J. Kiyono, T. Suzuki, Ö. Aydan, R.P. Rusnardi & A. Hakam

Ground motion estimation at Kabul City for Mw 7.5 Hindu Kush earthquake                            
N.Z. Nasiry & Ö. Aydan

Application of core-based stress measuring method in the vicinity of earthquake source fault: Diametrical Core Deformation Analysis                                                              
T. Sugimoto, W. Lin & A. Lin

Overview of seismic activity and historical earthquake disasters in Okinawa region                 
Y. Kamada, A. Kamiya, S. Arakaki, T. Isikawa & Y. Kawajo

Geological and geomorphological features in broken gravels from the North Senoumi-bank, Suruga-bay, Japan and its implications on Megaearthquakes                                          
I. Sakamoto, S. Tomita, M. Fujimaki, Y. Yokoyama, N. Azumi & M. Yagi

Tectonics and crustal stresses in Yatsushiro Sea and its relation to the causative faults of the 2016  Kumamoto earthquakes.                                                                        
M. Yagi, I. Sakamoto & Ö. Aydan

Prediction of Near Fault Ground Motion by Dynamic Rupture Simulation                               
M. Yamada, R. Imai, K. Takamuku & H. Fujiwara

Source modeling of the mid-scale crustal earthquake by forward modeling using the empirical Green’s function method                                                              
T. Ikeda & Y. Kojima

T3: Dynamic Response and Stability of Rock Foundations, Underground Excavations in Rock, Rock Slopes, and Stone Masonry Historical Structures

Centrifugal model tests on the seismic stability of rock foundations under critical facilities     
A. Sekiguchi, M. Ishimaru, T. Okada, K. Hiraga & H. Morozumi

A fundamental study on the foundations in Ryukyu Limestone Formation and the shear properties of interfaces and discontinuities under static and dynamic loading conditions                         
Y. Araki, T. Ito, J. Tomiyama, Y. Suda, K. Horiuchi, N. Tokashiki, Ö. Aydan, Y. Shuri

Bingham flow model by fully implicit SPH and its application to reinforce underground caves        
D.S. Morikawa, M. Asai, Y. Imoto & M. Isshiki

Design of the Tsunami Protection wall against Mega Earthquakes and Huge Tsunamis                   
Masaaki Wani, Yoshihito Sato & Koto Ito

Analytical and Numerical calculation of stresses and displacements around rectangular tunnel under SV waves in half space                                                                       
P. Yiouta-Mitra, E. Pelli & A.I. Sofianos

Consideration of structural stability for Oya underground quarry with dynamic response             
T.Seiki, K. Takahashi, T. K. M. Dintwe, S.Noguchi T.Ohmura, & Ö. Aydan

An experimental study on the effects of earthquake faulting on rock engineering structures         
Y. Ohta & Ö. Aydan

Site characteristics of a rock tunnel based on field-monitored seismic response                    
Ya Chu Chiu, Chien Lun Kung & Tai Tien Wang

AE and vibration monitoring on underground LPG storage caverns                                     
Y.Tasaka, H.Kurose, T.Suido C.S.Chang, H.Fujii & K.Toyoda

Attempt of Lignite Pit Exploration by Seismic Tomography using Directional Drilling Borehole.      
K. Kiho, K. Hase, M. Nakadai, S. Abe, Y. Ohtsuka, A. Shidai & T. Kato

Aftershocks of Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake (M=7.3) whose epicenter was near the city of Kobe, Japan                                                                                
S. Sakurai

Numerical analysis to evaluate repair work of swelling-rock damaged tunnels in the mountains       
K. Ota, A. Arai, Y. Ozaki, Y. Nakamura, M. Watanabe & T. Kyoya

Effect of excavation of drives with blasting in paste-filled stopes on the mined-out zone          
Sripad. R. Naik, Aditya Mishra H.S.Venkatesh & Aman Soni

Correlation between seismic damages to mountain tunnel and ground deformation: Case study on Tawarayama tunnel under the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake                                               
Y.J. Jiang, X.P. Zhang & Y. Cai

Seismic response analysis of the underground cavern type disposal facility                         
Y.Ito, Y.Tasaka, Y.Suzuki, K.Niimi, N.Sugihashi, H.Fujihara & Y.Hironaka

A study on the seismic behavior of underground tunnels, considering dynamic fault rupture, through large-scaled finite element analysis                                                               
S. Rajasekharan, H. Sun, Y. Mitsuhashi, J. Shimabuku, H. Noguchi, M. Maruta, G. Hashimoto & H. Okuda

Key Technical Considerations on Rehabilitation of Existing Salang Tunnel – Afghanistan             
N. Malistani & M. N. Nejabi

An integrated study on the risk assessment of Abuchiragama karstic underground shelter (Okinawa, Japan) under static and dynamic conditions                                       
H. Inoue, N. Tokashiki & Ö. Aydan

An integrated study on the large-scale arch structure for protection of karstic caves at New Ishigaki Airport                                                                               
H. Minei, Y. Nagado, Y. Ooshiro, Ö. Aydan, N. Tokashiki & M. Geniş

Seismic stability evaluation of the existing rock slope subject to ground motion records of 2011 Tohoku earthquake                                                                             
Y. Kikuchi, G. Itoh, Y. Benno & M. Ishimaru

The dynamic and multi-parameter responses of the Taru-toge tunnel during excavation                
M. Imazu, Ö. Aydan & H. Tano

An integrated study on the response of unsupported underground cavity to the nearby construction of piles of Gushikawa By-Pass Bridge                                                  
T. Tomori, K. Yogi, Ö. Aydan & N. Tokashiki

A study on the dynamic and multi-parameter responses of Yanbaru Underground Powerhouse             
Ö. Aydan, N. Tokashiki, J. Tomiyama, T. Morita, M. Kashiwayanagi, T. Tobase & Y. Nishimoto

An integrated system for the cavity-filling of an abandoned lignite mine beneath Kyowa Secondary School in Mitake, Japan against an anticipated mega-earthquake                     
K. Sugiura, A. Sakamoto, H. Tano & Ö. Aydan

The effect of cave-filling of abandoned lignite mines in Tokai Region, Japan against an anticipated mega-earthquake                                                                        
T. Ito, Ö. Aydan, K. Sugiura, A. Sakamoto

The Numerical Studies for Fault Displacement Damage of Shih-Gang Dam in Chi-Chi Earthquake         
Y. Nikaido, Y. Mihara, H. Tsutsumi, K. Ebisawa & R. Haraguchi

Numerical Simulation of Rock Slope Failure with Dynamic Frictional Contact Based on Co-rotational Technique                                                                            
S. Suzuki, K. Takashi, K. Terada, S. Moriguchi & N. Takeuchi

A study of formations of a sliding surface during an earthquake                                    
T. Kawai, S. Nakamura, M. Shinoda, K. Watanabe, S. Nakajima, K. Abe & H. Nakamura

Some considerations on the failure of Güney Waterfall, Denizli, Türkiye                            
H. Kumsar & Ö. Aydan

Numerical simulation on progressive failure in rock slope using a 3D lattice spring model          
T. Nishimura & M. Kohno

Failure patterns of granular slopes subjected to dynamic impact: Experimental observations         
K. Uenishi & T. Goji

Physical model study on microtremor characteristics of rock block on slope                         
T.T. Wang, T.T. Lee & K.L. Wang

Simulation-based optimal design approach for rockfall protection walls                             
S. Moriguchi, H. Kanno, K. Terada & T. Kyoya

Solid and water interaction analysis by NMM-DDA and MPS methods applied to large-scale landslide triggered by earthquake                                                                  
S. Miki, Y. Ohnishi & T. Sasaki

Model tests on rock slopes prone to wedge sliding and some case histories from recent earthquakes  
H. Kumsar & Ö. Aydan

Failure mechanism and causes of Ergenekon landslide (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - TRNC)  
C. Atalar, H. Kumsar & Ö. Aydan

An Experimental Study on the Dynamic Stability of Overhanging Cliffs                               
K. Horiuchi & Ö. Aydan

Dynamic model tests on the Babadağ-Gündoğdu Landslide (Denizli-Turkey)                             
S.B. Çelik, H. Kumsar & Ö. Aydan

Seismic stability evaluation verification of slopes reinforced with prevention piles               
H. Kobayakawa, M. Ishimaru, K. Hidaka, A. Sekiguchi, T. Okada, S. Mori, K. Hiraga & H. Morozumi

Characteristics and Mechanisms of Earthquake-induced Landslides according to recent Events and Studies                                                                                 
S. Komata

The dynamic response and stability of discontinuous rock slopes                                    
Ö. Aydan, Y. Ohta, M. Amini & Y. Shimizu

Shake table experiments on masonry retaining wall reinforced with nails                            
T. Takayanagi, N. Sawada, O. Nunokawa & A. Takahashi

Study on the stability of stone wall in earthquake by discontinuous deformation analysis           
G.C. Ma, M. Nakashima & K. Arai

Seismic response analysis using a 4-node iso-parametric Numerical Manifold Method and 3D-Discontinuous Deformation Analysis                                                              
Y. Ohnishi, R. Hashimoto, T. Sasaki, S. Miki & N. Iwata

Fundamental Study on the Dynamic Behavior of Japanese Castle Masonry Wall Using NMM-DDA 
T. Sueoka, R. Hashimoto, M. Kikumoto & T. Koyama

Seismic Diagnosis of Monastery of St. Stepanos in Iran                                             
M. Miyajima, T. Ikemoto, A. Fallahi, K. Yamaguchi & M. Yoshida

The numerical analysis of response and stability of stone masonry bridges in Aizanoi Antique City in Kütahya Province of Turkey                                                                         
J. Tomiyama, Y. Suda, Ö. Aydan, H. Kumsar & E. Özer

Analysis of the stone wall damage of Kumamoto Castle by 2016 Kumamoto earthquake using 3D laser scanner and ground survey                                                                          
A.T. Hashimoto, B. K. Ishidukuri & T. Matsuo

Some examples of damage to rock masonry structures caused by recent earthquakes                    
N. Tokashiki & Ö. Aydan

A dynamic model study on the dynamic response and stability of Perry Banner Rock in Nakagusuku, Okinawa, Japan                                                                         
K. Takara, M. Toguchi, Ö. Aydan & N. Tokashiki

T4: Induced Seismicity

T5: Dynamic Simulation of Loading and Excavation

Sinkholes Induced by Dewatering in an Open Pit Mine Case Study from a Coal Basin in Eastern Turkey                                                                                  
Y. Mahmutoğlu, R. Karagüzel, G. Şans & M.E. Topçuoğlu

An X-FEM investigation of deflection/penetration of hydro-fractures at material discontinuities    
M. Vahab, Sh. Akhondzadeh, A. R. Khoei & N. Khalili

A Verification of the multi-body dynamics based on impulse-based method                            
Y. Li & M. Asai

Dynamic damage constitutive relationship of mesoscopic heterogeneous brittle rock under rotation of the principal stress axes                                                              
D.P. Guo & J.Z. Zhang

Energy transformations related to rockburst in underground excavation                              
C.C. Li

Study on amplification characteristics of seismicity at dam sites using monitored acceleration data, affected by disturbance of the nearby existing cavern                                              
M. Kashiwayanagi & M. Yoda

Numerical modelling of dynamic indentation of rock with polygonal finite elements                  
T. Saksala

Rock stresses around active faults measured by using the high stiffness hydraulic fracturing  technique 
T.Yokoyama, M. Murakami, T. Danjo, K. Ogawa, A. Lin, W. Lin & T. Ito

Model tests and numerical simulations on evaluation method of earthquake induced failure of rock slopes                                                                                     
Hideki Nakamura, Makoto Ishimaru & Kosuke Hidaka

Seismic response analysis of a tailing dam foundation composed of discontinuous rock masses and countermeasure design                                                                              
Y. Ohara, S. Fukushima, S. Horikawa, M. Koshigai & T. Sasaki

Numerical simulations on the seismic stability of rock foundations under critical facilities via  dynamic nonlinear analysis                                                                                 
M. Ishimaru, A. Sekiguchi, T. Okada & H. Morozumi

The dynamic response of Horonobe Underground Research Center during the 2018 June 20 earthquake                                                                                      
T. Sato, K. Aoyagi, N. Miyara, Ö. Aydan, J. Tomiyama & T. Morita

Mechanical behaviour and characteristics of rocks subjected to shock loads                         
S. Kodate, J. Tomiyama, Y. Suda, K. Horiuchi & Ö. Aydan

Numerical simulation of the rock cutting                                                           
M. Mohammadnejad, S. Dehkhoda, H. Liu, & A. Chan & D. Fukuda

T6: Blasting and machinery induced vibrations

T7: Rockburst, Outburst, Impacts

Application of peridynamics to dynamic fracture process analysis of rock-like materials            
D. Fukuda, J. Kodama, Y. Fujii, S.H. Cho, H. Liu & A. Chan

Predicting seismic velocity distribution in the ground ahead of tunnel face using drilling vibration of hydraulic rock drill                                                                  
K. Tsukamoto & M. Shinji

Effect of Burden to Hole Diameter Ratio on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting using LS-DYNA            
M.I. Shahrin, R.A. Abdullah, R. Sa’ari, M.N.A. Alel, S. Jeon & B. Jeon

Application of advanced tunnel blasting technique for reducing vibration and optimizing the excavation advanced rate                                                                           
T. Inuzuka, K. Iwano & Y. Tezuka

Fracture characterization and rock mass behavior induced by blasting and mechanical excavation of shafts in Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory                                              
K. Aoyagi, T. Tokiwa, T. Sato & A. Hayano

Consideration on setting of detonation time interval of control blast                              
H. Takamura, Y. Tanaka, S. Nakamura & M. Arimitsu

Estimation of impulsive forces of hydraulic breaker via transfer path analysis (TPA) method        
C. Song, Daeji Kim, S.S. Kweon, J.O. Oh, J.Y. Park, J.H. Kim & J.W. Cho

Numerical simulation of vibration in an excavated tunnel caused by blasts in adjacent tunnel       
Q. Zhang, Z. Zhang, C. Wu, J. Yang & Z. Wang

Investigation of vibration patterns occurred during TBM excavation and rock cutting tests          
U. Ates, H. Copur, A.S. Mamaghani, E. Avunduk & I.S. Binen

Safe and Rapid Drift Development in Burst-prone Mines through Innovative Rock Support              
M. Cai

A parametric study of fault-slip in longwall mining                                                
C. Wei, C. Zhang & I. Canbulat

T8: Nondestructive Testing Using Shock Waves

T9: Case Histories of Failure Phenomenon in Rock Engineering

Tunnel face monitoring system for detecting and warning falling rocks                              
T. Tani, Y. Koga, T. Aoki, T. Hayasaka & N.Honma

Evaluation of the excavation disturbed zone of sedimentary rock in the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory                                                                    
K. Kubota, K. Aoyagi & Y. Sugita

An attempt to estimation of continuous in-situ elastic modulus ahead of tunnel face in volcanic and pyroclastic rock area                                                                              
K. Okazaki & T. Kurahashi

Evaluation of strength of rock mass with fractures and deformation structures using homogenization theory at Tokuyama underground powerhouse                                           
H. Takehata, K. Nishizawa, M. Matsushita, H. Kobayakawa, S. Tanaka & H. Kuno

Assessment of rock mass conditions of Ryukyu Limestone formation for a rock-cut in Urasoe Fault Zone (Okinawa) by elastic wave velocity tomography                                    
H. Inoue,& K. Hokama

Method to determine coal-rock joint conditions by tomography data: theory and lab test             
L.A. Nazarova, L.A. Nazarov, P.V. Nikolenko & A.L. Karchevsky

The utilization of drones and laser scanning technology in rock engineering                        
N. Okabe & K. Suzuki

Distribution of Cavities within the Ma On Shan Marble at Area 90 – Hong Kong                    
A. Indelicato

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Ömer Aydan, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan,

Takashi Ito, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

Takafumi Seiki, Utsunomiya University, Japan,

Katsumi Kamemura, Fukada Geological Institute, Tokyo, Japan

Naoki Iwata, Chuden Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd., Hiroshima, Japan