1st Edition

21st Century Sexualities Contemporary Issues in Health, Education, and Rights

Edited By Gilbert Herdt, Cymene Howe Copyright 2007
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    Exploring sexuality in the twenty-first century, this unique book collects together more than fifty timely and accessible contributions to create a wide-ranging and compelling picture of contemporary American sexuality.

    Incorporating the latest cutting-edge controversies, theory and methodological material from the major domains of sexual education, sexual health, sexual rights, and globalization, this book includes a superb editorial overview that opens up the field for students and teachers alike.

    This anthology will be an invaluable supplement to all levels of students and researchers interested in sexuality across a range of disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, gender and sexuality studies and politics.

    Introduction Gilbert Herdt and Cymene Howe Section 1: Sexual Literacy and Learning Sexuality 2. Introduction 3. What Is Sexual Literacy and Why Is It Needed Now? Gilbert Herdt 4. Folklore and the Sexual Lives of Adolescents Mariamne H. Whatley 5. Contesting the Dangerous Sexuality of Black Male Youth Linwood J. Lewis 6. Homophobia and Harassment in School-Age Populations Christine Pettett 7. Citizenship Lessons: Sexuality Education in the United States Jessica Fields and Celeste Hirschman 8. Transmen: Behind Assimilation, Problems Exist Jamison Green 9. The Meanings of Rape Ann J. Cahill 10. A Play that Looks at Rape: A Crime Against Women (and Men?) Leslie Simon 11. The ‘Down Low’: New Jargon, Sensationalism, or Agent of Change? Gilberto R. Gerald 12. Teaching and Learning: Latina Sociology of Sex Gloria González-López 13. Christian Right Rhetoric: Exploring Anti-Gay Politics Online Profile of Janice Irvine Section 2: www., TV and Sexual Commodification 14. Introduction 15. Surfing for Healthy Sexualities: Sex and the Internet Deb Levine 16. Sexual Networks Online Gregory Rebchook and Alberto Curotto 17. Halflings and Ogres and Elves, Oh My!: Sex, Love and Relationships in EverQuest Brandee Woleslagle 18. ‘Finding Nemo’ and Transgender Creatures Judith Halberstam 19. ‘The L Word’: A Little Something for the Femmetrosexual? Kris Scott Martí 20. ‘Six Feet Under’ Brings Abortion to the Surface Tracy A. Weitz and Anthony Hunter 21. The Pornography of Consumption / The Consumption of Pornography Linda Williams 22. InnovAsian? Asian American Masculinity and The ‘Porno Revolution’ Amy Sueyoshi 23. The Yin and Yang of Sex Work: Female and Male Prostitution Compared Ann M. Lucas 24. Strip Clubs and Their Regulars Katherine Frank Section 3: Sexual Health, Wellness and Medical Models 25. Introduction 26. Doctors, Patients, and Sexuality Yolanda Wimberly and Sandra Moore 27. Capitalizing on Women’s Health: The Myth of ‘Female Sexual Dysfunction’ Leonore Tiefer 28. Medical Abortion and Activism in Medicine Angel M. Foster, Jennie Sparandara, and Linda Prine 29. Bringing Medical Abortion to Rural America: Interview with an Abortion Provider Carole Joffe 30. Aging and HIV: The Changing Face of AIDS David M. Latini and David W. Coon 31. No Place to Call Home: Transgender Persons, Discrimination, and HIV Rita M. Melendez 32. High Risk Sexual Behavior Among Young Adults in the US Navy Genevieve Ames, Andrew Bickford, and Ann Russ 33. Sexual Networks of Truckers, Truckchasers and Disease Risks Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Sevil Sönmez, Jennie Kronenfeld and Donna Smith 34. Addiction and the Sex Offender: Is Mental Illness an Excuse for Calculating Crimes? Stanton E. Samenow Section 4: Sexual Activism and Rights 35. Introduction 36. Not Separate, Still Unequal: The Beijing Agreement and the Feminization of HIV Adrienne Germain and Jennifer Kidwell 37. The Rise of the Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Movement Martha Kempner 38. Beyond Immigrant Brothels: The Criminal Justice System and Trafficked Persons Juhu Thukral 39. Marriage Equality: The Evolution of a Traditional Institution Robert Kertzner 40. Sexual Prejudice: The Erasure of Bisexuals in Academia and the Media Loraine Hutchins 41. Seeking Help in Rural Communities: Homophobia Impacts Mental Health Care Cathleen Willging, Lisa Cacari-Stone, Louise Lamphere, Rae Lewis and Bonnie Duran 42. Disability and Sexuality: From Medical Model to Sexual Rights Russell P. Shuttleworth 43. Pity Dates and the Paralyzed Playa: The Dating Scene After Spinal Cord Injury Tre Trefethan 44. Heterosexual and Bisexual S/M: Cultural Formations Kathy Sisson 45. Ms. Etiquette and the Transgender Employee: Is Nothing Private Any More? Jillian Weiss 46. At the Cesar Chavez Institute: Bridging Research and Community Empowerment Joyce Nishioka 47. My Intersex Journey: From Awkward Teenager to Human Rights Activist David Cameron Section 5: The Globalization of Sexuality 48. Introduction 49. Global Perspectives on Sexual Rights Sonia Corrêa with Cymene Howe 50. Global Impact: U.S. Sexual Health and Reproductive Policy Renée White and Cynthia Pope 51. Abstinence Goes Global: The U.S., the Right Wing, and Human Rights Cynthia Rothschild 52. Sex Work in Contemporary Vietnam: Foreign Plague or Homegrown Problem? Christophe Robert 53. The Moral Economy of Sex in Russia Jakob Rigi 54. Nicaragua’s Changing Erotiscapes: Hot Bed of Cold War Takes on Sexual Rights Cymene Howe 55. Sexuality in Times of War Gilbert Herdt 56. Revealing the Soldier: Peacekeeping and Prostitution Paul Higate 57. ‘R and R’ on a ‘Hardship Tour’: GIs and Filipina Entertainers in South Korea Sealing Cheng


    Gilbert Herdt is Professor of Human Sexuality Studies and Anthropology and Director of the Program in Human Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University, USA. Professor Herdt is also Director of the National Sexuality Resource Center, a Ford Foundation funded project.

    Cymene Howe is Assistant Professor in Anthropology at the American University, Washington, and Visiting Assistant Professor and Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University, USA.