1st Edition

2D Metals Fundamentals, Emerging Applications, and Challenges

Edited By Ram Gupta Copyright 2025
    500 Pages 22 Color & 80 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    500 Pages 22 Color & 80 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    2D Metals: Fundamentals, Emerging Applications, and Challenges delves into the state-of-the-art advancements in utilizing 2D metals for emerging applications, encompassing a comprehensive overview of synthetic methodologies and characterization techniques provided by leading experts in the field.

    2D nanomaterials have emerged as highly promising candidates for a diverse array of cutting-edge applications, spanning energy and biomedicine, owing to their adjustable electrochemical properties, versatility, and exceptional mechanical resilience. Notably, carbon-based 2D materials have already demonstrated extensive utility across various domains. Meanwhile, 2D metals, often referred to as Metallenes, represent a burgeoning class of materials with broad-reaching potential. In contrast to alternative 2D materials like graphene and transition metal chalcogenides, as well as bulk metals, 2D metals exhibit remarkable conductivity, expansive surface area, and customizable electronic and optoelectronic characteristics.

    This book explores the influence of structural modifications on the properties of 2D metals and addresses the myriad challenges associated with their burgeoning applications. Each chapter, authored by esteemed specialists from across the globe, offers invaluable insights, rendering this text an indispensable resource for students while furnishing researchers and industry professionals with novel guidance and perspectives.



    2.Fundamentals of 2D Metals.

    3.Synthesis and Characterization of 2D Metals.

    4. Structure, Stability, and Properties of 2D Metallenes

    5.Properties and Functionalization of 2D Metals.

    6.2D Metals in Electronics.

    7. 2D Metals (Metallenes) in Spintronics

    8.2D Metals in Optoelectronics.

    9. 2D Metals as Photocatalysts.

    10. 2D metal-based electrocatalysts: Properties and Applications

    11. 2D Metals as Photocatalysts 

    12. Role of 2D Metals as Photocatalysts

    13. Two-dimensional Metallenes for Photocatalysis Applications

    14.  2D Metals for Fuel Cells

    15.  2D Metals for Methanol/Ethanol Oxidation

    16.  2D Metals for Energy Storage Applications

    17.  2D Metals for Energy Conversion Applications

    18.  2D Metals for Sensors and Actuators

    19.  2D Metals for Biomedical Applications


    Dr. Ram Gupta is a Professor of Chemistry at Pittsburg State University (PSU). He is also serving as the Associate Vice-President for Research and Support at PSU and Director of Research at the National Institute for Materials Advancement (NIMA). Dr. Gupta has been recently named by Stanford University as being among the top 2% of research scientists worldwide. Dr. Gupta’s research spans a range of subjects critical to current and future societal needs including: semiconducting materials & devices, biopolymers, flame-retardant polymers, green energy production & storage using nanostructured materials & conducting polymers, electrocatalysts, optoelectronics & photovoltaics devices, organic-inorganic heterojunctions for sensors, nanomagnetism, biocompatible nanofibers for tissue regeneration, scaffold & antibacterial applications, and bio-degradable metallic implants.

    Dr. Gupta has published over 300 peer-reviewed journal articles, made over 500 national/international/regional presentations, chaired and organized multiple sessions at national/international meetings, wrote several book chapters (120+), edited over 50 books and received several million dollars for research and educational activities from external agencies. He is also serving as Editor, Associate Editor, Guest editor, and editorial board member for various journals.