1st Edition

3c A Proven Alternative to MRPII for Optimizing Supply Chain Performance

    266 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Lack of materials or goods to satisfy customer orders under current market conditions represents an extremely costly and important problem facing businesses today. This is a problem that companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to solve. This book introduces a new theory, 3C, which will solve these problems.
    The authors, experts from Lucent Technologies, discuss in detail the relationship between the 3Cs - capacity, commonality, and consumption - and how this relationship can revolutionize your business. You will learn how to: reduce overhead expense and improve shipping performance by using the business capacity as the basis for materials planning; reduce investments in inventory by using the commonality of components; obtain dramatic improvements in the lead time of customer orders by using the actual consumption of materials instead of inaccurate sales forecasts as the basis for purchasing.
    The new and exciting techniques based on 3C generate immediate business benefits, for example: executing the purchasing function with a new criteria and formulae that can eliminate material shortages and significantly improve shipping performance, sales volumes, operating expense and company image.
    3C-A Proven Alternative to MRPII for Optimizing Supply Chain Performance gives you the knowledge and practical guidelines to better manage end-to-end Supply Chains and eliminate the expensive and annoying problem of material shortages that most businesses suffer.


    The Problem
    An Unsatisfied Need
    The 3C Solution
    Supply Chains
    Supply Chains Under 3C
    Aunt Anita Explaining 3C
    The Puzzle Example
    The 3C Approach
    MRP II Approach
    Synchronized MRP Approach
    Comparing Performances
    Is 3C Always Better Than MRP?
    The Commonality Index (CIND)
    The Comfort Example
    Summary of Sensitivity Analysis
    The 3C Path
    3C Results
    Success Stories
    What's Next for 3C
    The MRP Path
    MRP Results
    The Bigger Picture
    Full Enterprise Models
    Making the Decision


    F Xavier Gurrola-Gal, Miguel Fernandez-Ranada; Enrique Lopez-Tello