1st Edition

4D CAD and Visualization in Construction Developments and Applications

Edited By Raymond Issa, I. Flood, W. O'Brien Copyright 2003

    The construction enterprise is being transformed by visual modelling. Tools such as 3D/4D CAD and virtual reality are now in widespread use in construction. This book is both a survey of the changes being made in practice and a detailed guide to future directions for research and development.

    This book features a number of detailed case studies and examples, making it an excellent resource for practitioners, researchers, and students seeking to understand the details of how new tools and methods are applied in a business context.

    Foreword, Benefits of 3D and 4D Models for Facility Managers and AEC Service Providers, Beyond Sphereland: 4D CAD in Construction Communications, Fully Integrated and Automated Project Process (FIAPP) for the Project Manager and Executive, New Construction Management Practice Based on the Virtual Reality Technology 4D CAD and Dynamic Resource Planning for Subcontractors: Case Study and Issues, The Role of 4D Modeling in Trade Sequencing and Production Planning, The Link Between Design and Process: Dynamic Process Simulation Models of Construction Activities, Acknowledging Variability and Uncertainty in Product and Process Development, Application of 4D CAD in the Construction Workplace, Virtually Real Construction Components and Processes for Design-For-Safety-Process (DFSP), The Potential of 4D CAD as a Tool for Construction Management, Virtual Reality: A Solution to Seamless Technology Integration in the AEC Industry?, Construction Management Pull for nD CAD, Closure, Index


    Raymond Issa, I. Flood, W. O'Brien