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5-Star Career
Define and Build Yours Using the Science of Quality Management

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October 29, 2021 Forthcoming by Productivity Press
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Book Description

We live in a world obsessed with ratings. We prefer to purchase 5-star products, read 5-star books, eat at 5-star restaurants, and watch 5-star movies. If you can relate to any of the following scenarios, you’re not about to give your career, as it stands today, a 5-star rating:

  • You’re confused, conflicted, frustrated, or less than inspired about your career and/or where it’s heading.
  • You find yourself too often relaxing on a comfy couch Netflix binging with stray popcorn kernels in the folds of your favorite sweatpants when you should be job hunting or working from home.
  • You often sit, zoned out, in your corner office-variety leather chair wearing a designer outfit, knowing how blessed you are to have such a fantastic job, yet also knowing it’s not what you want to do.

  • You’re generally dissatisfied with your career; it’s just not what you envisioned, it doesn’t exist at all, or you feel like a fake who’s going to get caught at any moment.
  • You’re confident that you’re relatively smart and/or hardworking, but can’t seem to get ahead, and you can’t quite figure out why. Maybe you know why (or think you do) but don’t have a clue how to make changes, or lack the confidence required.
  • The people you work with are all actual jerks and/or you seem to morph into a jerk, for some odd reason, every time you walk into the office or open your laptop.
  • At this point, you suspect that you should settle for a decent salary and benefits but sense that there should be more to gain from all the crap you have to do every single day.
  • No matter how hard you work, those who can impact your career don’t seem to appreciate it, or even fully understand what it is you’re doing. Worse, maybe you understand the lack of appreciation because you yourself feel that what you’re doing is ridiculous, boring, or like glorified busy work.
  • Weird career-related stuff you can’t easily explain keeps happening. Whatever it is always ends up derailing your plan or otherwise holding you back. You feel like a magnet for bad luck.
  • On top of it all, you’re not sure what a 5-Star career is for you; you’re feeling listless and uninspired, yet you want that career. Perhaps once you have it, you’ll know?
  • You’re feeling a little, or a lot, ticked off that everyone around you appears to be either thriving in a unique career that seemed to develop naturally over time, or they have the sort of job that has a clear progression based on years of experience. They all seem to have 4 or 5-star careers but not you.

Industries across the globe manufacture products and provide services that you deem 5-star worthy; their goal is to satisfy your needs and desires. They follow the proven science of quality management to make that happen because it makes common sense, and its effectiveness is irrefutable. 5-Star Career: Define and Build Yours Using the Science of Quality Management provides common sense, strategic context for personally implementing quality concepts that reflect your goals as well as your own definition of a 5-star life and career.

This book provides the following benefits:

  • Explains how the science of quality management can ensure customer satisfaction, which is what industry uses to gauge the quality of products and services.
  • Relates that explanation to you on a personal level including how the basic concepts and components of the science apply to your career/job, the path is has taken, and can take.
  • Challenges you to identify your authentic needs and desires following the through process, research methodology, and data analysis corporations rely on the understand their customers. Itl tells you how to do all of that, and provide a unique tool to help you gather and analyze the right type of data and information

  • Clarifies the critical role that controlled systems and processes play in the science of quality management, the role they play in the personal application of quality management, and their surprising power to ensure intended outcomes.
  • Explains how to apply the proven decision-making methodology (used by industry) to identify the best possible process that leads to the career you deem as 5-star worthy, and to address the career elements that will satisfy your authentic needs and desire
  • Relays how risk-based decision making is not only key to identifying a process that ensure success, but also to addressing the unexpected curveballs that will surely come your way.

Penelope Przekop built a 30-year career around the science of quality management while struggling to overcome the uniquely disturbing childhood she shared with her brother. Along the way, she internalized the science used to build quality into products and services and discovered how it can be personally applied to build and manage not only the quality of a career but also the quality of a life. 

Table of Contents

About the Author


Chapter 1: Give Me 5-Star Everything

The World Isn’t What It Used to Be

Your Life is Not a Process

My Zero Life

Chapter 2: The Science of Quality Management

Japan Embraces Two Brilliant Nerds

The U.S. Government Creates an Act

The Entire World Jumps on the Bus

Chapter 3: My Career is What?

Blind Spots are Difficult to Spot

The Birth of Mindset

Systems and Culture Do Not Require Permission to Exist

Commit Out Loud

Chapter 4: We’re All Manufacturers

Who Has Time for This?

I Thought I Had a Good Process

When, Where, and How Did it Go Wrong?

Not All Processes are Purposeful and Systematic

Chapter 5: We’re All Customers

Coasting Won’t Take You Far

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Face

We All Start Somewhere

What Do You Want?

Chapter 6: Customers Have Problems

Movies Only Last 90 Minutes

Elite Athletes Apply Quality Management

Que the Rocky Theme

Que the Demons

Chapter 7: We All Shop for the Big One

Why All the Disconnects?

We All Want the Big Cookie

How the Science of Quality Management Found Me

A Career Quality Event

Chapter 8: Manufacturers Build Trust

Trust Your Meds

Trust Requires Integrity

Sometimes Faith is Required

Prepare for Action

Chapter 9: Data is King

Meet Your Customer to Define Quality

Data is King

What Color is the Sky?

The Danger of Illogical Leaps

Put on Your Manufacturing Hat

Chapter 10: Strategize for Quality

The Strategy Proven to Work

Is Personal Strategy Opportunistic?

Commit Out Loud

Chapter 11: Claim Your System

Borders Are Not Fences

Simple is Not Always Easy

Control Quality at Every Step

The Mountain Has Multiple Paths

Chapter 12: Define Your Process

Decisions. Decisions.

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Use Your Power to Create Options

Watch for Surprises

Chapter 13: Thinking Lasts Forever

Watch for Curveballs

Ouch! Who Did That?

It Doesn’t Matter Who Did It

Every Ending is a New Beginning

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Penelope Przekop, MSQA, RQAP-GCP is a pharmaceutical quality and regulatory compliance industry expert, entrepreneur, artist, and writer. During her 30-year career, she has held leadership positions at Novartis, Covance, Wyeth, and Johnson & Johnson, and has worked with numerous Fortune 100 pharma companies. She is sought out for her broad and deep industry knowledge, regulatory expertise, and creative strategic approaches. She is the founder and CEO of PDC Pharma Strategy and also serves as the Chief Compliance Officer for Engrail Therapeutics. 

She earned a BS degree in Biology from Louisiana State University and an MS degree in Quality Systems Engineering from Kennesaw State University and is also a graduate of the Smith College Program for Women’s Leadership and the Rutgers University Senior Leadership Program for Professional Women. She’s the author of Six Sigma for Business Excellence (McGraw-Hill) and frequently writes, speaks, mentors, and delivers training on industry quality management and regulatory compliance topics.