51 Tools for Transforming Your Training : Bringing Brain-Friendly Learning to Life book cover
1st Edition

51 Tools for Transforming Your Training
Bringing Brain-Friendly Learning to Life

ISBN 9780566084553
Published March 28, 2002 by Routledge
240 Pages

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Book Description

Brain-Friendly Learning is not about techniques and gimmicks. It is far more than just putting on baroque music, or playing fun games. It's a movement rather than just a method; a movement to recover the real joy of learning that combines both sizzle and substance to every part of your training. This resource provides a blueprint for a new generation of accelerated learning methods. At its heart are five key principles: ¢ Keep it real ¢ Facilitate the flow ¢ Honour uniqueness ¢ Make it rich and multi-sensory ¢ State is everything (well almost). There is a clear explanation of the theory behind Brain-Friendly Learning from the inside out; the concepts and learning models you need to underpin your approach, along with a journey through the most complex structure in the universe - your amazing brain. You'll also discover a concise guide to brain-friendly training design along with tools that you can pick and adapt to help you create new training events or make-over existing ones. This resource is packed with activities for the trainer or facilitator. Some are designed to help you understand a particular concept in more detail; others are designed to apply the concept to learning events which you are facilitating. You will have attended or facilitated (some) training sessions that engaged you, motivated you and left you with new insights and new techniques that you were just burning to try. At the time, you may not have been able to define what it was about these events that made them so special. This resource helps you to understand exactly what the mystery ingredient is and shows you how to use the whole encyclopedia of techniques that turn training into Brain-Friendly Learning.



Kimberley Hare is the Managing Director of Kaizen Training Limited, and a pioneering visionary for change and learning. Her focus is on helping individuals, teams and organizations to create the future they want, and to enjoy the journey. Kimberley's passion is to combine sizzle with substance to bring Brain-Friendly Learning to life in business. Larry Reynolds is a business consultant and facilitator with Kaizen Training Limited. He helps to create successful, sustainable organizations where people love to work. Larry enjoys finding the right balance in his life between family, learning, work and playing the piano.


’It fired my imagination. It set me thinking. If your aim is to enable learners to explore, integrate and make sense of knowledge or skills that will help them in their work - and for you all to have fun in the process - then the contents of this resource will put you well on the way. The outcome for me was that I felt empowered, imaginative and very enthusiastic.’ People Management ’This is an incredible book that provides a wealth of well-researched, up-to-date material with which trainers can transform their approaches to groups in order to make learning a reality. There are some very stimulating chapters in the book...The explanations are very clear, well spaced out and full with unobtrusive but text enhancing pictures, diagrams, quotations and references. Unusual ideas are put forward in the chapters dealing with rhythm and rhyme, mnemonics, stories, anecdotes and humour. This book needs to be on the desk of every trainer and manager in the country. It is a wonderful up-to-date resource that would help to enliven any collective gathering such as a board meeting or conference as well as within the rooms of a trainer. Kimberley Hare and Larry Reynolds have certainly brought brain-friendly learnging to life in this excellent publication.’ CRONER - Management Training Briefing ’If you want to make your programmes more learner-friendly, you should, withour hesitation, have a look at this book.’ Training Journal ’...this is an interesting, readable and thought-provoking publication which has value for new and experienced trainers, facilitators and learning designers...the manual is bursting with ideas and intriguing perceptions - try it.’ Diane Bailey, www.trainingzone.co.uk