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5S V2 Training Package



ISBN 9781897363256
Published July 11, 2017 by Productivity Press

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Book Description

The 5S Solution Package has been designed both to train staff in the principles of 5S and create the understanding needed to commit to an organization-wide Lean Transformation. This comprehensive training package is action oriented to ensure the successful learning and communication of Lean Manufacturing Principles.

Table of Contents


* 5S Facilitator Guide (1)
A comprehensive, easy to use facilitator guide for training employees on the principles of 5S and steps for implementation.

* 5S Preparation Guide (1)
The guide contains a systematic approach to preparing and executing successful workshops in 5S and is included with the purchase of a solution package. It helps the first time trainer prepare for the event, is a reference manual for timing, scheduling, and the overall process of the workshop.

* 5S Facilitator Digital Media CD (1)
Designed using Flash technology, the 5S presentation is a cut above anything that could be designed in PowerPoint. Latest technology in presentation format using dynamic formatting and projection of image and content.

* 5S Participant Workbook (8)
Designed with the participants in mind, this workbook will be used during the workshop and retained for reference. These workbooks combine information, illustrations, key questions, and space for note taking. Includes a self assessment form to test understanding of principles communicated during the workshop.

* 5S Red Tag Register (1)
An 11×14 pad of forms that logs all items identified by red tagging.

* 5S 30 Day Action Log (1)
An 11×14 pad of forms for the entry of action items to be implemented in the 5S area within the next 30 days.

* 5S Map (1)
An 11×14 pad of forms for recording a birds-eye view of the area for referencing layout and 5S related opportunities.

* 5S Sustainment Schedule (1)
An 11×14 pad of forms for the scheduling ongoing activities to maintain 5S in an area until a permanent solution can be found.

* 5S Evaluation Review Form (1)
An 11×14 pad of forms, for participants, managers, supervisor, or whoever is responsible for benchmarking and auditing 5S in an area on a periodic basis.

* 5S Red Tags (100)
These oversized 5S tags are designed with usefulness in mind. Large enough to record information but small enough to be useful, Enna's 5S Red Tags allow for the control and structure of the sort step of 5S. Each Red Tag has been pre-threaded for ease of use.

* 5S Poster (2)
A full color visual aid to be used during training and posted in work areas as a reference to the 5S principles.

* 7 Wastes of Operations Poster (2)
A full color visual aid to be used during 5S training and posted in work areas to remind staff to continuously eliminate waste.



1. Introduction

History Overview of the 5S's

5S and Visual Systems

The Benefits of 5S

How 5S Eliminates Waste

To provide our customers with the most personalized options for their organization, we developed our 5S Training Package to reflect both versions of the 5S translations. Please choose the Training Package that fits the verbiage of your organization. The differences (in verbiage only) are: compare

2. Putting 5S to Work (explain each S)


Straighten/Set In Order




3. Five S and Teamwork (Workshop Portion)

5S Evaluation Team

5S Photography Team

5S Mapping Team

5S Red Tag Register

5S 30 Day Action Log

5S Sustainment Schedule

4. 5S Kaizen Project (Supportive)

Executing the Project

Management Presentation

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