1st Edition

5th World Congress on Disaster Management: Volume III

Edited By S. Ananda Babu Copyright 2023
    368 Pages 83 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    World Congress on Disaster Management (WCDM) brings researchers, policy makers and practitioners from around the world in the same platform to discuss various challenging issues of disaster risk management, enhance understanding of risks and advance actions for reducing risks and building resilience to disasters. The fifth WCDM deliberates on three critical issues that pose the most serious challenges as well as hold the best possible promise of building resilience to disasters. These are Technology, Finance, and Capacity. WCDM has emerged as the largest global conference on disaster management outside the UN system. The fifth WCDM was attended by more than 2500 scientists, professionals, policy makers, practitioners all around the world despite the prevalence of pandemic.

    Part 1: Management of the Pandemics of COVID-19—General Issues
    1. Impact of COVID-19 on the Effectiveness of Safety Practices on Construction Projects: A Comparative Analysis Framework of Health and Risk Assessment
    J. R. C. Jimenez, A. A. Sasaki, P. F. M. Simbulas and J. S. Buluran
    2. Mapping COVID-19 for Risk Reduction and Capacity Building in Indian Scenario
    Anindita S. Chaudhuri, Nischal Gaur and Pragya Rana
    3. Harnessing People Factor at Workplace During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Public Sector Study in Kolkata
    Partha Naskar
    4. Enlightenment: The Covid-19 Pandemic
    D. Pramod
    5. Retrospection of NDMP and Forecasting its Prophecy with Special Reference to COVID-19
    A. N. Chavan, S. M. Pore and S. R. Bhagat
    6. Optimal Lockdown Management Using Short-term COVID-19 Prediction Model
    Shuvrangshu Jana and Debasish Ghose
    7. Decision Support System Framework for Epidemic Disaster Mitigation/Management
    K. Sasikala, P. Harikrishna, S. Thamarai Selvi and N. Lakshmanan
    8. Assessing the Impact of Corona Pandemic on Adopting Healthy Habits Among People of Uttar Pradesh
    Adity Kumari and Sheela Misra
    9. Temporal Patterns of Population Level Help Seeking Behaviours During Covid-19 Pandemic in India: An Exploratory Study
    Geetanjali Kumari, Vivek Kumar Singh, Amritanjali and Amrita Dhiman
    10. The Coronavirus Pandemic Infects All, Even the Fundamental Right Guaranteed by the Constitution of India!
    Manav Srivastava and Tanvi Gupta
    11. Judicial Stand on Compensation During Covid-19 in the Light of Reepak Kansal v. Union of India & Ors.
    Anoop Kuma and Aarushi Batra
    12. Underlining the Role of Legal Systems, Legal Education and Legal Awareness in Managing Substance Abuse During Covid-19 Pandemic with Special Reference to Alcohol Consumption in India
    Achintya Arora and Garima Tiwari
    13. Biodefence Preparedness for Emergency Response and Disaster Management: Lesson Learned from COVID-19 Pandemic
    Manmohan Parida
    Part 2: Management of the Pandemics of COVID-19—Social Issues
    14. Study for Gender Perspective—During “New” Normal
    Shivangi Srivastava and Sheela Misra
    15. Building Community Capabilities in Pandemic Response: Role of Mental Models held by Lay-People of Phenomena Related to Covid-19
    Subodh Wagle and Himali Mhatre
    16. Education in India—During COVID-19 Challenges Faced and Solutions for a Post-Pandemic Era
    Lucretia Aldons and Jude Aldons
    17. Education in Maharashtra During Covid-19: A Risk-Informed Response Perspective
    Piyush Galane
    18. Empowering Students with Visual Impairments to Prepare for Earthquake (A Study of Rajkiya Visually Impaired Inter School of Lucknow City)
    Afiya Bano and Neeti Kushwaha
    19. Community, Communication, and Capacity Building: Integrated Risks of COVID-19 Response in India
    Shabana Khan
    20. India’s Shadow Pandemic—A Study of Domestic Violence During the Covid 19
    Priya A. Sondhi
    Part 3: Management of the Pandemics of COVID-19—Economic Issues
    21. “Indian Railway—A Galloping Elephant” (Life in the Times of Covid-19)
    Naresh Lalwani Irse, Anshumali Kumar and Jude Aldons
    22. Post COVID-19 Impact on Construction Industry: Challenges and Solutions
    Ajay Chourasia, Shubham Singhal and Akshat Chourasia
    23. Covid-19 and Banking Sector of Bangladesh: Navigating Turbulent Times and the Way Forward
    Kamal Chowdhury and Akbaruddin Ahmad
    24. Significance of Healthcare Investment in Tackling Pandemics: Lessons from Kerala on the Backdrop of COVID-19
    Rajeeve L. Pillai and Rohit M.
    25. Impacts of Covid 19 on Textile Industry Workers in Bangladesh: Socio-Economic Perspective
    Muhammad Ferdaus, Maruf Hasan Rumi, A. M. M. Mubassher Shah and Md. Minhajul Abedin
    26. Disaster and Business: The Approaches of Corporate Towards Disaster Response with Special Context of CSR in India
    Nitesh Pathak
    27. Corporate Response to Disaster Resilience: Examining Problems and Potential for Indian CSR Regime
    Vidhi Madaan Chadda and Navjeet Sidhu Kundal
    28. Cash-Aid Support of Bangladesh Government During Covid 19 Pandemic; Effectiveness and Challenges
    Muhammad Ferdaus, Maruf Hasan Rumi, Shukti Bala and Md. Abu Sayem
    Part 4: Management of the Pandemics of COVID-19—Issues of Health
    29. Four Zone Deployable MediCAB for COVID-19 Management
    Subhash N. N., Muraleedharan C. V. and Shreeram R.
    30. Origin, Transmission and Spread of COVID-19: Lessons for Future
    Shireen Naaz Fatma
    31. Modeling and Prediction of COVID-19 Spread in India for Growth Rate Estimation
    Shail Bala and Amritanjali
    32. Mass Casualty Management due to Road Traffic Accidents in this Era of Covid-19 Pandemic: A Tertiary Care Institutional Experience
    Amit Chaudhary, Ambrish Kumar and Shailendra Yadav
    33. Critical Medical Resource Allocation during COVID-19 Pandemic
    Shuvrangshu Jana, Rudrashis Majumder and Debasish Ghose
    34. SMART MEDIAIRGUARDTM (A Proactive Solution to Monitor and Control Infection Risks in Healthcare Facilities)
    Dr. Meeta Ruparel
    35. UVC MEDIAIRGUARDTM (A Non-contact Swift Solution to Disinfect COVID-19 Care Centers)
    Meeta Ruparel
    36. MEDIIAGVTM (Minimal Contact Medical Waste Management from Source Collection to Disposition Point)
    Meeta Ruparel
    37. The Lessons of COVID-19 for Public Health Climate Preparedness
    Sunil Kumar Chaudhary
    Part 5: Management of the Pandemics of COVID-19—Issues of Mental Health
    38. Psycho-Social Support Based Intervention for Patients and Caregivers Stranded During the Lock-Down During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study Report from India
    Devaki N. S., Sekar Kasi, Ajay Kumar Goyal and Sanjeev Kumar Manikappa
    39. Psychosocial Support for Community of Migrant Workers During Lockdown Imposed due to COVID-19 Pandemic
    Devaki N. S., Sekar Kasi, Ajay Kumar Goyal, Sanjeev Kumar Manikappa and Anil Doddamani
    40. Perceived Stress and Wellbeing of School Teachers During COVID-19 Pandemic
    Shafeeq K. Y., Anil Hemanna Doddamani, Sanjeev Kumar Manikappa, Sonu P. Raju, Tansa K. A. and Sekar Kasi
    41. ‘SAANTHWANA’—A Psychosocial Support Helpline for Health Care Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic at NIMHANS
    Tansa K. A., Sanjeev Kumar Manikappa, Devaki N. S. and Sekar Kasi


    S. Anand Babu is President of DMICS and Convenor of WCDM.