1st Edition

A Beautiful Way to Coach Positive Psychology Coaching in Nature

By Fiona Parashar Copyright 2022
    200 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    200 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Leaders need to renew and recharge regularly to lead more effectively. Forget the squeezed hour of coaching on Zoom or in a busy office – this book invites coaches and leaders alike to re-energise their style of executive coaching by stepping beyond traditional techniques and out of the office for an executive day retreat.

    Based on the award-winning framework of the Positive Vision Day programme, this accessible book introduces a new approach to coaching, combining time-out in a natural and beautiful setting with positive psychology. The book is designed to inspire coaches and leaders to take a day away from the desk, step into nature and renew their energy and purpose. As a coach, you are needed more than ever to help leaders align their strengths and values to their personal vision. This book does just that, and provides:

    • Detailed exercises linking psychological underpinnings to the goals of each exercise, including how to avoid classic coaching pitfalls.
    • Journaling prompts for self-reflection and self-coaching.
    • Easy-to-understand models, templates, scripts and action steps for every stage of the process.

    The approach used in the book will be of particular interest to not only leadership and executive coaches, and internal executive coaches, but also career, entrepreneurship, business, wellbeing and life coaches, as well as leaders themselves who are mid-career or at a career or psychological crossroads.

    Part I: Why, What and Where?  1. The Why and the What  2. The Where  Part II: The How  3. How to bring the flavour of positive psychology to your coaching even if you have never studied it  Part III: Who Benefits?  4. Challenges, Practical Considerations and Some Executive Case Studies  Part IV: What Next?  5. Professor Peter Hawkins and Fiona Parashar in dialogue about the future of Positive Vision Days and Executive Coaching


    Fiona Parashar is a renowned executive coach for positive leaders and is known for her pioneering and innovative approach. After a successful career in media running one of the top media agencies, Fiona became one of the earliest leadership coaches in the UK, and set up Leadership Coaching Limited,, now certified as a B Corp business, to inspire the wellbeing and work-life balance of business leaders.

    "As an executive coach for over 40 years, I know it can become tiring for both coach and coachee to keep the same routine. A Beautiful Way to Coach presents an incredible perspective on a fresh and engaging method for coaching to reinvigorate the process and keep you and your clients striving for great results."

    Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

    "This is a book for these changing times; a book that explores the new qualities of leadership that we need so much in the world today - courage, a growth mind set, the ability to ask quality questions and the willingness to take action and reflect. This is such an important book. I encourage all leaders and coaches to read it and to encourage others to do the same."

    Sue Knight, NLP Master Trainer and Author of NLP at Work

    "When you walk beside someone on a learning journey, you engage so much better than walking behind or in front of them. Often the most powerful coaching happens when we leave chairs behind and venture into the great outside, where anything is possible!"

    David Clutterbuck, Co-founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and author of over 70 books

    "I have completed 3 Vision Days in the last 6 years. They have all, without fail, propelled me along the path I needed to be on at that time and contributed measurably to my success. Creating a whole day, the space, the focus, the time in nature is an incredibly powerful tool and my personal secret weapon. I literally couldn’t have achieved what I have without Fiona and her Vision Day methodology and this book now shares these ideas more widely."

    Sharon Whale, Chief Executive Officer, Global Markets & Operations, Oliver, and Great Britain Creative Industries Businesswoman of the Year 2021

     "This is a gift of a book for coaches and at the start, the author, Fiona Parashar, makes a promise to offer a coaching approach that is "positive, intensive and transformative". And for once, a business book delivers! Not only will this give you an inspiring (and original) way of working with your clients, incorporating the outdoors, but it is also deeply pragmatic, walking you through her process step by step. Almost holding your hand. After reading the book, I immediately wanted to get out in nature with my clients and invite them for a Positive Vision day! Written with a warmth and a generous guiding hand, this is a book chock-full of insights and tools to refresh your coaching and an opportunity to boost your coaching repertoire."

    Dr Lucy Ryan, MD of Mindspring International, Author of Lunchtime Learning for Leaders

    "In A Beautiful Way to Coach, Fiona shares an approach to coaching which beautifully touches on the deeper layers of meaning and - I dare say spiritual - connection, while keeping the experience and results very practical and down to earth. In this book she hands you the essence of her twenty plus years of experience so you can just run with it." 

    Annemiek van Helsdingen, Founder of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching 

    "This book is a gift to leaders and coaches everywhere. It bring home through its wonderful storytelling, insights and wisdoms how vital nature is to combatting the epidemic of exhaustion and burnout. This is a resource you will not want to miss out on. Reading it gave me goosebumps as the stories and case studies resonated at a deep cellular level."

    Jackee Holder, Executive Leadership Coach and Author of 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well, Be Your Own Best Life Coach, and the writing maps Writing with Fabulous Trees and Rewilding the Page