1st Edition

A Biographical Encyclopedia of Early Modern Englishwomen Exemplary Lives and Memorable Acts, 1500-1650

    660 Pages
    by Routledge

    660 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    From the exemplary to the notorious to the obscure, this comprehensive and innovative encyclopedia showcases the worthy women of early modern England. Poets, princesses, or pirates, the women of power and agency found in these pages are indeed worth knowing, and this volume will introduce many female figures to even the most established scholars in early modern studies. Rather than using the conventional alphabetical format of the standard biographical encyclopedia, this volume is divided into categories of women. Since many women will fit in more than one category, each woman is placed in the category that best exemplifies her life, and is cross referenced in other appropriate sections. This structure makes the book an interesting read for seasoned scholars of early modern women, while students need not already be familiar with these subjects in order to benefit from the text. Another unusual feature of this reference work is that each entry begins with some incident from the woman’s life that is particularly exciting or significant. Some entries are very brief while others are extensive. Each includes a source listing. The book is well illustrated and liberally sprinkled with quotations of the time either by or about the women in the text.






    Beale, Mary Cradock Beale

    Horenbout, Susanna Horenbout [Horenbolte] Parker Gilman

    Inglis, Esther Inglis Kello

    Jane the Fool

    Perwich, Susanna Perwich

    Teerlinc, Levina Benninck Teerlinc



    Abbott, Elizabeth Abbott

    Arden, Alice Arden

    Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes

    Baynton, Mary Baynton

    Bridgestone, Ann Bridgestone

    Brigge, Mabel Brigge

    Bulmer, Margaret Cheyne Bulmer

    Caldwell, Elizabeth Caldwell

    Chamber, Rebecca Chamber

    Champion, Mary Champion

    Clarke, Alice Clarke

    Cowland, Alice Cowland

    Crofte, Elizabeth Crofte

    Davis, Alice Davis

    Davy, Margaret Davy [Davie]

    Dell, Annis Dell

    Downes, Katherine Stamfort Downes

    Drewry, Anne Drewry [Drewie, Calfield]

    Evans, Elizabeth Evans ["Canberry Bess"]

    Ferneseede, Margaret Ferneseede

    Ferrers, Katherine Ferrers Fanshawe

    Francis, Katherine Francis

    Frith, Mary Frith ["Moll Cutpurse"]

    Greene, Anne Greene

    Gunter, Anne Gunter

    Hamton, Anne Hamton

    Hattersley, Jane Hattersley

    Hayward, Petronella Brightred Hayward

    Helliker, Joan Helliker

    Howard, Frances Howard Devereux Carr, Countess of Essex and Somerset

    Hungerford, Agnes Cotell Hungerford

    Lake, Mary Ryder Lake

    Osborne, Mary Osborne

    Page, Eulalia Glanfield Page

    Pendleton, Ellen Pendleton Floder

    Phelps, Judith Phelps

    Rodney, Anne Lake Cecil Rodney, Lady Ros

    Saunders, Anne Saunders

    Scambler, Martha Scambler

    Throckmorton, Frances Brydges Throckmorton

    Turner, Ann Norton Turner

    Vincent, Margaret Vincent

    Wallen, Anne Wallen<


    Carole Levin is Willa Cather Professor of History and Director of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program at the University of Nebraska, USA.

    Anna Riehl Bertolet is Associate Professor of English at Auburn University, USA.

    Jo Eldridge Carney is Professor of English at The College of New Jersey, USA.

    "The encyclopedia is truly a collaborative effort, one that feels momentous: a crystillization of the maturity of the field and the range and extent of its activity [...] In sum, the amazing diversity of women's activities and undertaking documented, in greater or lesser detail, in the Biographical Encyclopedia more than makes up for any inconveniences the volume presents. One cannot help but finish even a perusal of its contents without being struck by the rich world of different presented here. And once striken, one will surely return for more."

    - Patricia Phillippy, Kingston University London, Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal