1st Edition

A Brief Survey of Quantitative EEG

By Kaushik Majumdar Copyright 2018

    This book covers various quantitative methods for preprocessing and analyzing human EEG signals. It presents a holistic approach to quantitative EEG from its neurological basis to simultaneous EEG and fMRI studies. Equal emphasis is given to major mathematical and statistical theories and computational techniques that have been in use in qEEG and their applications on clinical and laboratory experimental EEG. The book is compact and self-contained, requiring no background in EEG processing or acquisition and quantitative techniques.

    1. Neurophysiology of the Human Scalp EEG

    2. Preprocessing

    3. Source Localization

    4. Event-Related Potential

    5. Binding Problem

    6. Epilepsy Research

    7. Brain–Computer Interface

    8. An Overview of fMRI

    9. Simultaneous EEG and fMRI


    Kaushik MaJumdar is an Assistant Professor at the Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India.