4th Edition

A Broadcast Engineering Tutorial for Non-Engineers

By Skip Pizzi, Graham Jones Copyright 2014
    360 Pages 75 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    360 Pages 75 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    A Broadcast Engineering Tutorial for Non-Engineers is the leading publication on the basics of broadcast technology. Whether you are new to the industry or do not have an engineering background, this book will give you a comprehensive primer of television, radio, and digital media relating to broadcast—it is your guide to understanding the technical world of radio and television broadcast engineering. It covers all the important topics such as DTV, IBOC, HD, standards, video servers, editing, electronic newsrooms, and more.

    This long-awaited fourth edition includes new standards and identifies and explains the emerging digital technologies that are revolutionizing the industry, including:

    • HDTV—and "UltraHD"
    • IP-based production and distribution and Internet delivery (including "over-the-top" TV)
    • Connected/Smart TV, Mobile TV Second Screens and Social TV
    • "Hybrid" broadcasting (over-the-air and online convergence)
    • Podcasting and Mobile Apps
    • Connected Cars

    1. Introduction
    2. Types of Broadcasting
    3. Sound and Vision
    4. Analog Color Television
    5. Digital Audio and Video
    6. Information Technology
    7. Radio Frequency Waves
    8. Radio Studios
    9. Television Studios and Playout Facilities
    10. Remote Broadcasting
    11. Links
    12. Analog Radio
    13. IBOC Digital Radio
    14. Alternate Radio Delivery Systems
    15. NTSC Analog Television
    16. ATSC Digital Television
    17. Alternate Television Delivery Systems
    18. Next-Generation Television Systems
    19. Transmitter Site Facilities
    20. Radio Wave Propagation and Broadcast Regulation
    21. Conclusion


    Skip Pizzi is Senior Director of New Media Technologies at NAB, where he focuses on new methods for creation and delivery of broadcast content. He is also Vice-Chair of ATSC Technology Group 3 (TG3), which is developing standards for the next generation of digital television. Previously he worked in multimedia for 11 years at Microsoft, served as an editor and contributor to several broadcast technology books and journals, and consulted to the professional, educational and government sectors of the media industry worldwide. He began his career as an engineer, manager and technical trainer at NPR. He is a recipient of the Audio Engineering Society’s Board of Governors Award, and a graduate of Georgetown University, where he studied Electrical Engineering, Fine Arts, and International Economics.

    Graham Jones retired in 2010 from NAB, where he was a Senior Director working on advanced television issues. He is still active in ATSC, SCTE, and SMPTE standards committees. Previously he was Engineering Director for the Harris/PBS DTV Express, which introduced DTV to many U.S. broadcasters. He started his career with the BBC in London, and has worked as a consultant to broadcasters in many parts of the world. He holds a degree in physics, is a chartered electrical engineer, a fellow of SMPTE, and a life member of the SBE and the Royal Television Society. He has been honored with the Bernard J. Lechner Outstanding Contributor Award from the ATSC and received a citation from SMPTE for outstanding service to the society.

    ‘The 4th Edition, published post the digitalization of TV with ATSC transmissions, presents an unprecedented overview of the new world of broadcasting with contemporary technologies being brought to the fore with amazing clarity. Retaining broadcasting as its core theme, it brings you up to speed with the entire chain involved—acquisition, production, broadcasting and streaming. A must-read for all professionals.’ – Amitabh Kumar, Zee Network, India

    ‘This book is a great source for quickly finding what a particular broadcast-related acronym stands for. Think of this text as a relief valve that lets an interested reader reasonably drink from a high-pressure technical information water main.’ – Dane Ericksen, Hammett & Edison, Inc., USA

    ‘This book is a must-have for all those in the broadcast industry and reads like a well-written operating manual for your broadcast operation. Skip Pizzi is one of those rare gems—a polymath who can translate complex concepts to the lay person. His deep knowledge allows him to analyze the past and provide a glimpse into what's possible in the future.’ - Jennifer Ferro, President/General Manager, KCRW 89.9, USA