1st Edition

A Career Companion to Becoming a GP Developing and Shaping Your Career

By Patrick Hutt, Sophie Park Copyright 2011

    'How many general practitioners ended up in their roles thanks to a faint breeze nudging them in a given direction? How many successes resulted from failure? Some of the most successful practices were built up from nothing, and some of the happiest doctors spent time not being doctors. Despite the element that fate plays in career paths it is prudent to make plans - ' A career in general practice offers many options for further professional development. While some GPs prefer to concentrate primarily on their practice, others find additional fulfillment in teaching, research or international collaboration. Whichever path you choose, general practice promises a rewarding and exciting experience. This inspiring new book emphasises there is no single career path in general practice. Without being prescriptive, its practical approach helps you make life-changing decisions, prompts self-analysis and equips you with the tools to remain flexible, positive and reflective about your career. 'So - have you got what it takes to practise the 'medicine plus' which is today's general practice? This book, written and edited by colleagues many of whom have far more street cred than I, will help you decide. If you have, I wish you luck, fulfilment, and the gratification that comes from being a catalyst for good in the lives of your fellow human beings. If you have a role teaching and mentoring the next generation of GPs, you will find this book a persuasive ally. But if you decide that hospital medicine is your preferred option - well, that's fine. There would be no shame, if you find the ladder to general practice too steep, in settling for becoming a brain surgeon.' Roger Neighbour, in the Foreword 'Lively, extremely informative and engaging' Professor Roger Jones, Editor, British Journal of General Practice

    List of contributors. Acknowledgements. Introduction to general practice. Career profile: Chris Kenyon. Reflective piece: 'Extraordinary ordinary people' Alex Thain. General practice specialty training. Reflective piece: 'Medical maternal' Anne Solomon. Reflective piece: 'Why general practice? Why me?' Ronald MacVicar. Salaried jobs and partnerships. Career profile: Clifton Marks. Reflective piece: 'Good enough' Rebecca Ship. Locum and out-of-hours work. Career profile: Sarah Donald. Reflective piece: Out-of-hours work Sophie Kuhn. GPs with a special interest. Career profile: David Whittington. Reflective piece: 'What do you use when you have sex?' Radhika Shah. Academic general practice. Career profile: Steve Iliffe. Reflective piece: 'Academic general practice' Surinder Singh. Professional development. Reflective piece: 'What Balint did for me' John Salinsky. Reflective piece: 'When it happens to us' Anna Denshuck. Teaching in general practice. Career profile: Ann Griffin. Reflective piece: 'Family education' Pauline Bryant. International primary care. Career profile: Zorayda E Leopando. Reflective piece: 'M├ędecins Sans Frontiers.' Index.


    Hutt, Patrick ; Park, Sophie