1st Edition

A Collection of Governess Novels in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Edited By Shigeo Yokoyama Copyright 2008
    1500 Pages
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    This set represents a collection of rare British fictions published from the late eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth century, featuring a governess as the heroine. Featuring facsimile reprints of the first editions of six novels which are all difficult to find in academic libraries in the UK or the US, this set is a valuable resource for all students and scholars of Victorian Studies and Literature.


    From Shigeo Yokoyama’s Introduction:

    Despite considerable critical attention accorded to them, most of the governess novels have been rarely read not least due to their inaccessibility. Only a handful of libraries in Britain and the US hold the copies of them. I hope the present collection, though much limited in its comprehensiveness, might fill to some extent this gap which has existed for a long period of time by providing valuable primary sources for the students and scholars of nineteenth-century British fiction as well as cultural and women’s history.

    Volume 1

    (c. 485pp.)

    Introduction by Shigeo Yokoyama, Nara Women’s University

    S., H.

    Anecdotes of Mary; or, the Good Governess

    (London, E. Newbery, 1795), 163pp.

    Mathews, Mrs

    C. Ellinor: or The Young Governess, A Moral Tale

    (York, Thomas Wilson and Son, 1809), 107pp.

    Hofland, Mrs

    Ellen, the Teacher: A Tale for Youth, 2nd edn.

    (London, J. Harris and Son, 1819), 207pp.


    Volume 2

    (c. 510pp.)

    Sherwood, Mrs. [Mary Martha]

    The Governess: or, the Little Female Academy

    (Wellington, F. Houlston and Son, 1820), 252pp.

    Craik, Dinah Mulock

    Bread upon the Waters; A Governess’s Life

    (London: Printed for the Governesses Benevolent Institution, 1852 (Reprint, Leipzig, 1865)), 250pp.


    Volume 3

    (c. 525pp.)

    Sewell, Elizabeth

    Amy Herbert

    (London, Longman, 1844) (two vols. bound in one), 519pp


    British Servants: A Collection of Early Guides and Companions

    Edited by Akio Kobayashi, Sophia University, Tokyo


    5 volumes | £790

    270x190mm | c. 2,420pp.

    set ISBN: 978-4-902454-22-2

    publication date: May 2006

    market: English History and Literature, Social History of 18th- and 19th-Century England


    This five-volume set offers a collection of thirteen guides and companions written for British servants in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The chronologically balanced selection provides a historical perspective on the changes of the roles of servants and their position in British society.


    Volume 1 (c. 520pp.)

    Jacob, Giles

    The compleat court-keeper: or, land steward’s assistant. Containing, first, the nature of courts-leets and courts-baron; The second edition, with additions and amendments

    London, 1715, 514pp.


    Volume 2 (c. 310pp.)


    A present for servants, from their ministers, masters, or other friends

    London, 1710, 95pp.

    Dodsley, Robert

    The footman’s friendly advice to his brethren of the livery; and to all servants in general

    London, 1730, 31pp.


    The complete man and maid servant: containing, plain and easy instructions for servants of both sexes, ...

    London, 1764, 87pp.

    Johnson, Mary

    [Some plain and necessary directions to maid-servants in general, and several useful tables], extract from ‘Madam Johnson’s present: or, every young woman’s companion, in useful and universal Knowledge. ...’ The fourth edition

    London, 1766, 17pp.


    A present for servants. Containing several useful articles of information, for persons in dependant stations of life; as laws relating to servants and labourers, …

    Salisbury, 1769, 23pp.

    Barker, Anne

    The complete servant maid: or young woman’s best companion. Containing full, plain, and easy directions for qualifying them for service in general, ...

    London, 1770, 47pp.


    The servant’s friend; or, the master and mistresses best gift to their servants, apprentices, and workmen. Being a set of excellent maxims; which, if duly practised, will render their service delightful and profitable, both to themselves and their employers.

    Edinburgh, 1793, 7pp.


    Volume 3 (c. 525pp.)

    Raffald, Elizabeth

    The experienced English housekeeper, for the use and ease of ladies, housekeepers, cooks, &c. Written purely from practice, ... The twelfth ed.

    London, 1799, 411pp.


    Domestic management, or the art of conducting a family; with instructions to servants in general. Addressed to young housekeepers

    London, 1800, 109pp.


    Volume 4 (c. 510pp.)

    Adams, Samuel and Sarah

    The complete servant; being a practical guide to the peculiar duties and business of all descriptions of servants...

    London, 1825, 506pp.

    Volume 5 (c. 540pp.)


    The servants’ guide and family manual: with new and improved receipts, arranged and adapted to the duties of all classes of servants … Third edition

    London, 1832, 334pp.


    The servants practical guide. A handbook of duties and rules

    London, 1880, 204pp.