1st Edition

A Compendium of Musical Instruments and Instrumental Terminology in the Bible

By Yelena Kolyada Copyright 2009
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    'A Compendium of Musical Instruments and Instrumental Terminology in the Bible' draws on extensive historical research, comparative linguistic analysis and musical study to offer the first compilation of its kind. The volume examines the entire range of musical instruments in the Bible - stringed, wind and percussion - drawing on ancient and modern translations of the Bible and the works of rabbinic teachers, Church Fathers and medieval, renaissance and contemporary scholars. The book offers a historical survey of Hebrew instrumental music - its origins and links with neighbouring cultures, the role of instruments in the religious, social, public and private life of ancient Israel, and the system of musical education - and explores the understanding of Hebrew musical instruments in post-biblical times. This comprehensive volume will be invaluable to musicologists, archaeologists, theologians, historians, philologists and Bible translators, as well as general readers in the subject.

    Introduction Chapter 1 Instrumental Music of the Bible Chapter 2 Plucked Stringed InstrumentsChapter 3 Wind Instruments Chapter 4 Percussion Instruments Chapter 5 Ambivalent Instrumental TermsChapter 6 Generic and Unclear Musical Terms Chapter 7 Biblical Musical Instruments in Postbiblical Sources and in Bible TranslationsAppendix 1 List of References to Musical Instruments in the Bible Appendix 2 A Typological Table of the Terminology of Biblical Instruments Appendix 3 Table of the Instrumental Ensembles in the Bible Appendix 4 Synoptic Table of References to the Musical Instruments in the BibleGlossary of Biblical and Talmudic terminology


    Yelena Kolyada