1st Edition

A Compendium of World Sovereigns: Volume I Ancient

Edited By Timothy Venning Copyright 2023

    The Compendium of World Sovereigns series contains three volumes: Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern. These volumes provide students with easy-to-access ‘who’s who’ with details on the identities and dates, ages and wives, where known, of heads of government in any given state at any time within the framework of reference. The relevant original and secondary sources are also listed in a comprehensive bibliography.

    Providing a clear reference guide for students, to who was who and when they ruled in the dynasties and other ruler-lists for the Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern worlds – primarily European and Middle Eastern but including available information on Africa and Asia and the pre-Columbian Americas. The trilogy accesses and interprets the original data plus any modern controversies and disputes over names and dating, reflecting on the shifts and widening of focus in student and academic studies. Each volume contains league tables of rulers’ ‘records’, and an extensive bibliographical guide to the relevant personnel and dynasties, plus any controversies, so readers can consult these for extra details and know exactly where to go for which information. All relevant information is collected and provided as a one-stop-shop for students wishing to check the known information about a world Sovereign.

    The Ancient volume begins with the Pharaohs in Egypt and moves through Greece, Classical and Early Medieval Armenia, Crimea, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Judah, Persia, India and ends with the Roman World in the east and west.

    A Compendium of World Sovereigns: Volume I Ancient provides students and scholars with the perfect reference guide to support their studies and to fact check dates, people, and places.

    Egypt – Pharoahs P. 1. Old Kingdom; Middl Kingdom; New Kingdom.

    Hittites P. 43.


    Babylonia p. 47.

    Lydia. P. 69.


    Later Babylon: C6th BC.

    Greece – Dual Kingship of Sparta

    Early Athens

    Early Thebes

    Early Argos

    Early Mycenae

    Early Pylos and Ithaca

    Early Iolcos and Thessaly

    Legendary Troy

    Greek ‘Tyrannies’: Sicyon, Athens, Samos and Ionia

    Sicily: : Rulers of Gela, Syracuse.

    Kings (and queens) of Macedon and rulers of its empire: Temenids, House of Antipater, and Antigonids


    Seleucid Kingdom

    Ptolemaic Kingdom

    Pergamum ; Pontus ; Cappadocia ; Bithynia ; Galatia ; Commagene .


    Classical and Early Mediaeval Armenia

    Bosporan Kingdom (Crimea)

    Abgarid Dynasty of Edessa (NE Syria)

    Nabatea (Jordan)

    Southern Arabia: Saba and Himyar.

    Israel and Judah to 586 BC

    Maccabean Dynasty of Israel

    Dynasty of Herod

    Achaemenid Persia

    Parthian Kingdom (to AD 224/6)

    (Indo-Parthian sub-kingdom.)

    Sassanian Persia (to AD 637/651)

    Hellenistic Greek Bactria and India

    Indian Sovereigns: Mauryas and Guptas

    Sri Lanka: Anuradhapura.

    China: Early Dynasties to c. 220 BC: legendary emperors; Shang; Zhou,

    Chu, xi/Ch’i; early Qin; Yen/Yan; Lu; Song; Yu/ Yuyue.

    Emperors: Qin; Han.

    Period of division c. AD 220 to 580

    The Three Kingdoms: Wei, Wu, Shu Han.

    Jin; early Song; Southern Qi; Southern Liang; Western Laing;

    Southern Zhen; Early Yen; Early and Later Qin; Northern, Eastern

    and Western Wei; Northern Zhou; Northern Qi.

    Earlier and Later Liang; Western, Later and Southern Yen


    Korea: Silla and Goguryeo.





    Legendary Kings of Rome

    Roman Emperors (and empresses) to AD 395

    Western Roman Emperors (and empresses) (to AD 476)

    Eastern Roman Emperors (and empresses) (to AD 491)



    Britain: Pre-Roman tribal states

    Ireland: High Kings to the C6th AD

    Visigothic Kingdom of Toulouse to AD 507

    Vandal Kingdom of Africa

    Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy

    Popes to the early 7th AD


    Timothy Venning is an independent scholar and researcher and formerly worked on the Oxford New Dictionary of National Biography. His previous books include A Chronology of the Crusades (2015), A Chronology of Early Medieval Western Europe (2017), A Chronology of Medieval British History, 1066–1307 (2020), and A Chronology of Medieval British History, 13071485 (2020).