1st Edition

A Corpus-based Contrastive Study of the Appraisal Systems in English and Chinese Scientific Research Articles

By Xu Yuchen, Yan Xuan, Su Rui, Kou Ying Copyright 2022
    366 Pages
    by Routledge

    366 Pages
    by Routledge

    Appraisal is the way language users express their attitude towards things, people, behaviour or ideas. In the last few decades, significant achievements have been made in Appraisal Theory research, yet little attention has been paid to appraisal in scientific texts, especially in relation to the contrast to how it is applied in English and Chinese.

    This title examines the similarities and differences of Appraisal systems in English and Chinese scientific research articles. Using a self-constructed corpus of scientific research articles, the authors make cross-linguistic comparisons in terms of the quantity and distribution patterns of categories of appraisals. They creatively categorise articles into theoretical scientific research articles and applied studies and discover that for both languages, each genre can have its own favorite mode of distribution for the realization of appraisal systems. In addition, this research helps appraisal theory systems to become more explicit, specific, and more applicable for the analysis of scientific research articles.

    Students and scholars of applied linguistics, comparative linguistics and corpus linguistics will find this an essential reference.

    1. Introduction. 2. Modifications of the Appraisal Theory. 3. The Comparison of the Appraisal Systems in English and Chinese Scientific Research Articles. 4. The Quantitative Contrast of Appraisals in English and Chinese Scientific Research Articles. 5. Conclusions.


    Xu Yuchen is Professor of English at Foreign Languages and Literature Research Institute, Xi'an International Studies University. His research interests include Systemic Functional Linguistics, Semantics, and Discourse Analysis. He has published three monographs and over 20 research articles.

    Yan Xuan is Associate Professor in Stylistics, Lexicology and Psycholinguistics in the Department of English, School of Foreign Studies at Chang'an University.

    Su Rui is lecturer of the School of Foreign Studies at Chang’an University, interested in systemic functional linguistics.

    Kou Ying is lecturer at School of Foreign Language Studies of Chang'an University, interested in systemic functional linguistics, vague language and language evaluation.