1st Edition

A Critical History of Psychotherapy, Volume 1 From Ancient Origins to the Mid 20th Century

By Renato Foschi, Marco Innamorati Copyright 2023

    This unique book offers a comprehensive overview of the history of psychotherapy. The first of two volumes, it traces the roots of psychotherapy in ancient times, through the influence of Freud and Jung up to the events following World War II.

    The book shows how the history of psychotherapy has evolved over time through different branches and examines the offshoots as they develop. Each part of the book represents a significant period of time or a decade of the 20th century and provides a detailed overview of all significant movements within the history of psychology. The book also shows connections with history and contextualizes each therapeutic paradigm so it can be better understood in a broader social context.

    The book is the first of its kind to show the parallel evolution of different theories in psychotherapy. It will be essential reading for researchers and students in the fields of clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, the history of medicine and psychology.

    Editorial note

    Chap. 1 Mental health care from antiquity to modern times


    Chap. 2 From Hypnotism to Psychotherapy


    Chap. 3 The twentieth century and the rooting of psychotherapy


    Chap. 4 Depth psychology between the World Wars

    Chap. 5 New Approaches to Psychotherapy Before and After World War II



    Renato Foschi is Professor of History of Psychology and History of Science at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

    Marco Innamorati is Professor of Dynamic and Developmental Psychology and History and Philosophy of Scientific Concepts at the University of Rome, "Tor Vergata", Italy.