1st Edition

A Cultural Citizen of the World Sigmund Freud's Knowledge and Use of British and American Writings

By S. S. Prawer Copyright 2009

    This book is based on the German editions of Sigmund Freud's works and letters. It presents various examples from English and American literatures that suggest several questions Freud asked of literary works in general.

    Introduction 1. Shakespearean Autobiography 2. Demolished Idols and Satanic Spokesmen 3. Enlightenment 4. Imperfect Sympathies 5. Cultural Community 6. Adventures of Body and Mind 7. ‘Our Highly Interesting Family Novel’ 8. ‘Just So Stories’ 9. Ideological Interlude 10. Old Wine in New Bottles 11. Bloomsbury and Beyond 12. Retrospect


    S. S. Prawer