1st Edition

A Dictionary of British Institutions A Students' Guide

By John Oakland Copyright 1993

    Provides a succinct guide and easy access, in dictionary form, to selected central British institutional terms, which are widely employed in contemporary British life. The word `institutions' is applied in a broad sense to cover, for example, political and governmental institutions; local government; international institutions with which Britain has connections; legal, economic and industrial institutions; education; the media; religion and social welfare; health and housing institutions; geographical and traditional social terms and institutions. The aim of the book is to provide sufficient information in one volume to render these terms intelligible to students or professionals who are concerned with fundamental aspects of British society. The book contains lists of British governments and prime ministers, lists of kings and queens and a short historical overview of key events in British history. It is cross-referenced with a comprehensive index and includes appendices providing further information such as widely used British abbreviations.


    John Oakland