A Dissertation of Elective Attractions  book cover
1st Edition

A Dissertation of Elective Attractions

ISBN 9780415760607
Published July 16, 2015 by Routledge
400 Pages

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Book Description

First Published in 1970. This is the second edition of Dissertation of Elective Attractions, by Bergman, and includes a new introduction.  The text was first published in English in 1785 after being translated from the original latin in 1775 by Thomas Beddoes.  The text is an introduction to the table of elective attractions used in chemistry.

Table of Contents

I. There feems to be a diference between remote and contiguous attraction -- II. Single elective attractions -- 111. Whether the order of attractlons be conftant -- IV. A dfference in the degree of beat fometimes produces a diference in elective attractions -- V. Apparent irregularitiesfrom a double attractions -- VI. Apparent exceptions from a fuccef five change fubftances -- VII. Apparent exceptions from folubilily -- VIII. Exceptions from the combination of three fubftances -- IX. Exceptions from a determinate excefs of one or other of the ingredients -- X. How we are to determine the Single elective attractions -- XI. The necefity for a new table of attractions -- Xli. Column first, the vitriolic acid -- XIII. Column Second, the pblogifticated vitriolic acid -- XIV. Column third, nitrous acid -- XV. column fourth, the pblogifticated nitrous acid -- XVI. Column fifth, the muriatic acid, -- XVII. Column sixth, the depblogjfticated marine acid -- XVIII. co!unmn seventh, aqua regia -- XIX. Column eighth, fluor acid -- XX. Column ninth, the arfenical acid -- XXI. Column tenth, acid of borax, -- XXII. Column eleventh, acid of sugar -- XXIII. Column twelfth, acid of tartar -- XXIV. Column thirteenth, acid of forrel -- XXV. Column fourteenth, acid of lemon -- XXVI. Column fifteenth, acid of benzoin -- XXVII. Column Sixteenth, acid of amber -- XXVIII. Column Seventeenth, acid of Sugar of milk -- XXIX. Column eighteenth, diftiiled vinegar -- XXX. Column nineteenth, acid of milk -- XXXI. Column twentieth, acid of ants -- xxxii. Column twenty-first, acid of fat -- XXXIII. Column twenty_Second, phospboric acid -- XXXIV. Column iwenfy-third acidum perlatum -- XXXV. Column twenty-fourth, acid of Pruffian blue -- XXXVI. Column twenty-fifth, the aerial acid -- XXXVII. Column twenty-sixth, caustic vegetable alkali -- XXXVIII. Column twetity-seventh, caustic mineral alkali -- XXXIX. Golurnn tu’eniy-et’bth, cernflue volatile alkali, - -- XL. Column twenty-ninth, cauftic ponderous earth -- XLI. Column thirtieth, lime -- XLII. Column thirty-first, cauftic magnefia -- XLIII. Column thirty-fecond, pure clay -- XLIV. Column thirty-third, fiiceous earth -- XLV. Column thirty-fourth, water -- X LV1. Column thirty-fifth, vital air -- XLV II. Column thirty-sixth, pblogiflon -- XLVIII. Column thirty-seventh, the matter of beat -- XLIX. Column thirty-eighth, sulphur -- L. Column thirty-ninth, saline bepar -- LI. Column fortieth,spirit of wine -- LII. Golumn forty-first, ather, -- LIII. Column forty-Second, effential oil -- LIV. Column forty-third, unctuous oil -- LV. Column forty-fourth, gold -- LVI. Column forty-fifth, platina -- LVII. Column forty-sixth, silver -- LVIII. Column forty-seventh, mercury -- LIX. Column forty-eighth, lead -- LX. Column forty-ninth, copper -- LXI. Column fiftieth, iron -- LXII. Column flfty-flrft, tin -- LXIII. Column fifty-Second, bifmuth -- LXIV. Column fifty-third, nickle -- LXV. Column fifty-fourth, arfenic -- LXVI. Column fifty fifth, cobalt -- LXVII. Column flfiy-sixth, ZInc -- LXVIII. Column fifiy-seventh, antimony -- LXIX. Column fifty-eighth, manganefe -- LXX. Column fifty.ninth,fiderite.

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Torbern Bergman,