1st Edition

A Dream-Guided Meditation Model and the Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams

By Evelyn M. Duesbury Copyright 2017

    A Dream-Guided Meditation Model and the Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams presents a model for meditation that counselors can use with clients regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, or marital status. Using the model, readers can, if they wish, learn to interpret nighttime dreams. Even readers who choose not to learn to interpret their dreams may find that the meditation model assists with dream guidance.

    Brief Bio: Evelyn M. Duesbury  Preface  Ethics Statement  Introduction  Section A: The Meditation Model  1. The Dream that Brought the Dream-Guided Meditation Model  2. Stage One—Quiet Your Whole Body  3. Stage Two—Slow Your Breath  4. Stage Three—Still Your Thoughts and Listen to Become Aware of Your Still State  5.  Potential Result of Using the Dream-Guided Meditation Model: Become Conscious of the Higher Self Potential Within Your Being, a Presence in All Human Beings  Section B: When and Where to Meditate  6. When to Meditate  7. Where to Meditate  Conclusion  Summary of Lessons Presented in this Book  Appendix A: One Hundred Year Turn of the Twenty-first Century Coincidence  Appendix B: Caveat on Bad or Worrisome Dreams Edward Bruce Bynum


    Evelyn M. Duesbury, MS Counselor Education, teaches by writing about use of her researched and award-winning Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (PMID). Duesbury's American Counseling Association (ACA) credentials include distance credentialed counselor, licensed professional counselor, and continuing education provider. Topics covered in her published works include relationships, counseling, writing, and meditation.

    "This book combines the powerful processes of meditation and dream therapy which will always lead to great insight and personal success. I highly recommend A Dream-Guided Meditation Model and the Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams for therapists, clients, and students alike."

    Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD, professor of psychology at Trent University, researcher, and author of The Giant Compass: Navigating the Life of Your Dreams

    "Here is a well- grounded approach to integrating the personal meaning of our dreams and dream life, woven into the wider science of meditation itself. Still the mind and body and the meaning of our dreams becomes clear. Then watch, dear reader, what is higher and beyond it arise. This is a book of great hope."

    Edward Bruce Bynum, PhD, ABPP, author of Dark Light Consciousness

    "This useful book, building on the author's extensive experience, offers a clearly articulated step-by-step approach to a dream-based meditation practice. Therapists, counselors, and general readers will find a wealth of practical advice about integrating dreams into meditation, and meditation into dreams."

    Kelly Bulkeley, PhD, author of An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming