1st Edition

A Field Guide to Gifted Students (Set of 10) A Teacher's Introduction to Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Gifted Learners

By Charlotte Agell, Molly Kellogg Copyright 2020
    32 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    A Field Guide to Gifted Students is a practical manual to the unique characteristics of gifted and advanced learners. Presented as a concise 32-page, full-color booklet available in sets of 10 print copies or a single eBook copy, this resource:

    • Can be used in teacher workshops and other group professional learning settings.
    • Assists educators in understanding and meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted students.
    • Includes a companion online facilitator's guide.
    • Features practical tips based on current research and best practices.
    • Is packed with illustrations, checklists, space to write notes, and a glossary of terms.

    School can feel like the wrong fit for many gifted learners, but through learning how to notice and support gifted students' diverse traits and needs, educators can build ideal classroom climates for student success. Readers will understand how to identify giftedness and related traits, including twice-exceptionality, introversion and extroversion, perfectionism, sensitivity, and intuitiveness. The online facilitator's guide includes everything workshop leaders need to conduct a brief course for classroom teachers, coordinators, counselors, or even parents.

    Introduction HAVE YOU MET . . . ? Olive, the Instant Intuitor Louis, the Super Connector Quinn, the Explainer Nelson, the Sponge Pam, the Bibliophile Sean, the Marathon Focuser Sadie, the Maverick Liam, the Sensitive Soul Haley, the Perfectionist Ingrid, the Noticer Horace, the Fluid Thinker Samantha, the Idiosyncratic Sophisticate Other Learners to Consider Logistical Suggestions Resources and References


    Charlotte Agell is the author/illustrator of 14 books for children and young adults, as well as a longtime public school teacher, with almost 2 decades of experience in gifted instructional support.

    Molly Kellogg is a teacher and consultant with more than 20 years in education, more than half of which have focused on gifted education.

    "It puts into words and images the multiple ways in which young persons can show their gifts, thereby providing illumination to teachers, parents, and (as appropriate) to the young person her/himself." – Howard Gardner, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 3/16/21

    "I've enjoyed using [this] book with graduate students in my course entitled Nature and Needs of the Gifted. It's a great introduction to the characteristics, traits, and behaviors of GT students. I've found that they enjoy the vivid descriptions of the 12 profiles. They can easily connect these to children they've worked with. It's also a great supplement to the material I cover on special populations." – Thomas P. Hébert, University of South Carolina, 3/19/21

    "It is very exciting... and it looks like a very helpful guide to introduce teachers to a broad array of gifted and talented students." – Sally M. Reis, University of Connecticut, 4/13/21