1st Edition

A Frequency Dictionary of Dutch Core Vocabulary for Learners

By Carole Tiberius, Tanneke Schoonheim Copyright 2014
    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    A Frequency Dictionary of Dutch is a valuable tool for all learners of Dutch, providing a list of the 5,000 most frequently used words in the language. Based on a 290 million word corpus which includes both written and spoken material from a wide range of sources, this dictionary presents Dutch core vocabulary in a detailed and clearly arranged manner: each of the 5,000 entries includes English equivalents and a sample sentence showing language in use.

    Users can access the top 5,000 words either through the main frequency listings or an alphabetical index. Throughout the frequency listings there are thematically organized lists featuring the top words from a variety of key topics such as animals, food and other areas of daily and cultural life. Words specific to Dutch in Belgium (Belgian Dutch) are also included.

    An engaging and efficient resource, A Frequency Dictionary of Dutch will enable students of all levels to get the most out of their study.

    This book was prepared in association with the Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie (INL, Institute of Dutch Lexicology).

    Former CD content is now available to access at www.routledge.com/9780415523806 as support material. Designed for use by corpus and computational linguists, it provides the full text in a format that researchers can process and turn into suitable lists for their own research purposes.

    Thematic Vocabulary List.  Series Preface.  Acknowledgements.  Abbreviations. Introduction. References.  Frequency Index: Core, Spoken, Fiction, Newspaper, Web, General.  Alphabetical Index.  Part of Speech Index



    Carole Tiberius is a computational linguist at the INL (Institute of Dutch Lexicology).

    Tanneke Schoonheim is a linguist and lexicographer at the INL (Institute of Dutch Lexicology).

    "An extensive vocabulary can only be acquired by much study and practice, but a few hours spent browsing the present work will reward the student many times over...For students wishing to acquire familiarity with the Dutch language in as short a time as possible, this volume offers an excellent introduction." - Peter Wellburn, Reference Reviews