A Gardner's Workout : Training the Mind and Entertaining the Spirit book cover
1st Edition

A Gardner's Workout
Training the Mind and Entertaining the Spirit

ISBN 9780367455163
Published December 17, 2019 by A K Peters/CRC Press
332 Pages

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Book Description

For many decades, Martin Gardner, the Grand Master of mathematical puzzles, has provided the tools and projects to furnish our all-too-sluggish minds with an athletic workout. Gardner's problems foster an agility of the mind as they entertain. This volume presents a new collection of problems and puzzles not previously published in book form. Martin Gardner has dedicated it to "all the underpaid teachers of mathematics everywhere, who love their subject and are able to communicate that love to their students."

Table of Contents

Part I 1. The Opaque Cube 2. The Square Root of 2 = 1.414 213 562 373 O95 3. Flip, the Psychic Robot 4. The Propositional Calculus with Directed Graphs 5. Mathematics and Wordplay 6. Steiner Trees on a Checkerboard 7. Tiling the Bent Tromino 8. Covering a Cube with Congruent Polygons 9. Magic Tricks on a Computer 10. Variations on the 12345679 Trick 11. More Calculator Whimsies 12. Kasparov’s Defeat by Deep Blue 13. Computers Near the Threshold? 14. Cornering the King 15. Toroidal Currency 16. Six Challenging Dissection Tasks 17. Lewis Carroll’s Pillow-Problems 18. Lewis Carroll’s Word Ladders 19. TheAnton1x1x2 20. Three-Point Tiling 21. Lucky Numbers and 2187 22. 3 x 3 Magic Squares 23. Some New Discoveries about 3 x 3 Magic Squares 24. Primes in Arithmetic Progression 25. Prime Magic Squares 26. The Dominono Game 27. The Growth OF Recreational Mathematics 28. Maximum Inscribed Squares, Rectangles, and Triangles 29. Serial lsogons 0F 90 Degrees 30. Around the Solar System 31. Ten Amazing Mathematical Tricks 32. Modeling Mathematics with Playing Cards 33. The Asymmetric Propeller Theorem 34. Chess Queens and Maximum Unattacked Cells Part II 35. Lion Hunting 36. Two Books on infinity 37. The Universe and the Teacup 38. A New Result on PerFec’c Magic Squares 39. The Number Devil 40. Probability1 41. Fuzzy New New Math

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