1st Edition

A Gendered Approach to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

    180 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    190 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The refugee crisis that began in 2015 has seen thousands of refugees attempting to reach Europe, principally from Syria. The dangers and difficulties of this journey have been highlighted in the media, as have the political disagreements within Europe over the way to deal with the problem. However, despite the increasing number of women making this journey, there has been little or no analysis of women’s experiences or of the particular difficulties and dangers they may face.

    A Gendered Approach to the Syrian Refugee Crisis examines women’s experience at all stages of forced migration, from the conflict in Syria, to refugee camps in Lebanon or Turkey, on the journey to the European Union and on arrival in an EU member state. The book deals with women’s experiences, the changing nature of gender relations during forced migration, gendered representations of refugees, and the ways in which EU policies may impact differently on men and women. The book provides a nuanced and complex assessment of the refugee crisis, and shows the importance of analysing differences within the refugee population.

    Students and scholars of development studies, gender studies, security studies, politics and middle eastern studies will find this book an important guide to the evolving crisis.

    1. Introduction: Gender, Migration and Exile  Jane Freedman, Zeynep Kivilcim, Nurcan Ozgur Baklacıoğlu
    2. Destabilising Gender Dynamics: Syria Post 2011  Nour Abu-Assab
    3. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) Syrian Refugees in Turkey  Zeynep Kivilcim
    4. The Violence of Tolerated Temporarity: Syrian Women Refugees on the Outskirts of Istanbul  Nurcan Ozgur Baklacıoğlu
    5. "Trust no one, beware of everyone": Vulnerabilities of LGBTI refugees in Lebanon  Henri Myrttinen, Lana Khattab, Charbel Maydaa
    6. Gender, Social Class, and Exile: The case of Syrian women in Cairo  Maysa Ayoub
    7. Death at Sea: migration and the gendered dimensions of border insecurity  Sharon Pickering and Rebecca Powell
    8. Women’s experience of forced migration: gender-based forms of insecurity and the uses of "vulnerability"  Jane Freedman
    9. Gender Performativity in Diaspora: Syrian Refugee Women in the UK  Nof Nasser-Eddin
    10. Aggressor, Victim, Soldier, Dad: Intersecting Masculinities in the European ‘Refugee Crisis’  Jennifer Allsopp
    11. Conclusions


    Jane Freedman is Professor at the Université Paris 8, and a member of the Centre de Recherches Sociologiques et Politiques de Paris (CRESPPA), France.

    Zeynep Kivilcim is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, Istanbul University, Turkey.

    Nurcan Ozgur Baklacıoğlu is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, Istanbul University, Turkey.