256 Pages
    by RIBA Publishing

    The issue of gender inequality in architecture has been part of the profession’s discourse for many years, yet the continuing gender imbalance in architectural education and practice remains a difficult subject. This book seeks to change that. It provides the first ever attempt to move the debate about gender in architecture beyond the tradition of gender-segregated diagnostic or critical discourse on the debate towards something more propositional, actionable and transformative. To do this, A Gendered Profession brings together a comprehensive array of essays from a wide variety of experts in architectural education and practice, touching on issues such as LGBT, age, family status, and gender biased awards.

    Section 1: Practice, politics, economics 

    1. Six Myths About Women in Architecture 

    Justine Clark 

    2. Architecture: A Suitable Career for a Woman? 

    Sandra Manley and Ann De Graft-Johnson 

    3. On Age and Architecture 

    Sophie Hamer 

    4. Why Men Leave Architecture 


    5. G.F. Bodley and the Gravy: Describing Architecture on the Tangent 

    Hugh Pearman 

    6. Women in Architecture: Stand up and be Counted 

    Virginia Newman 

    7. The Hero's Journey

    Karen Burns 

    8. Lost and Found 

    John Fitzgerald and Ruth Morrow 

    9. Site Parade 

    Julian Williams 

    Section 2: Histories, theories & pioneers  

    10. The Queer Architect In Germany

    Wolfgang Voigt and Uwe Bresan  

    11. Sister Practices 

    Ruth Morrow  

    12. Architecture: A Villainous Profession?

    David Gloster 

    13. The "Transition" As A Turning Point For Female Agency In Spanish Architecture

    Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno

    14. Redesigning the Profession 

    Julie Humphreys 

    15. Remembering Queer Space

    Anthony Graham  

    16. Women in Architecture Awards 

    Laura Mark 

    17. Designers of the World Unite

    Joe Kerr  

    Section 3: Place, participation and identity 

    18. Woods and Treasure

    Cany Ash and Robert Sakula 

    19. Down To Earth

    James Soane 

    20. Vauxhall is Burning

    Alexis Kalli 

    21. On Looking And Learning

    Paul Davies  

    22. Scenes of Emancipatory Alliances

    Brian McGrath 

    23. The Eradication of London's Queer Pubs

    Sam Douek 

    24. Architecture 2.0

    Gem Barton 

    Section 4: Education 

    25. Surveys, seminars, and starchitects: Gender studies and architectural history pedagogy in American architectural education

    Catherine Zipf 

    26. Interiority Complex

    House and Harriss 

    27. Gender, Architectural Education and the Accruing of Capital

    Igea Troiani 

    28. Hit Me Baby, One More Time

    Lesley Lokko 

    29. And Then We Were The 99%: Reflections on Gender and the Changing Contours of German Architectural Practice

    Mary Pepchinski

    30. A Gendered Pedagogy

    Harriet Harriss 

    31. Look Who's Talking: Numbers Matter

    Lori Brown 

    32. Symbolic Violence

    Flora Samuel 


    Dr James Benedict Brown is Lecturer in Architecture at the Leicester School of Architecture, where is he is Year One Leader of the BA(Hons) Architecture course.

    Dr Harriet Harriss is a Senior Tutor in Interior Design & in Architecture at the Royal College of Art in London.

    Professor Ruth Morrow leads the new suite of cross-disciplinary Masters Courses in Sustainable practices in the Built Environment at Queen’s University, Belfast.

    James Soane is a qualified architect, teacher and writer.