1st Edition

A General Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Edited By Men Jiuzhang, Guo Lei Copyright 2009
    142 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Established by the Western Han dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is currently finding increased acceptance. A General Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine explores the thinking behind TCM, its philosophy-based theory, and its cutting-edge uses in today’s clinical practice. The book covers:

    • Establishment and characteristics of TCM’s theory
    • Establishment and development of TCM’s clinical system.
    • Basic features of TCM
    • TCM’s philosophical bases: primordial qi, yin-yang and Five Elements
    • TCM’s medical model, method, and architecture

    Organized to make information easily accessible, each chapter contains:

    • Goals & Requirements and Key Contents to enable readers to understand the core and the outline of the chapter
    • Endnotes for readers to learn some cultural and historical information peculiar to China
    • Glossary for readers to understand more specific information about TCM and Chinese culture

    Complete with chapter outlines and ancillary material, this carefully designed guide brings a time-tested practice back to the future.


    Establishment and Development of TCM's Academic System

    Great Historical Achievements of Early TCM

    Basic Theoretical Views of TCM

    Theoretical System of TCM: Formation and Characters

    The Formation of the Theoretical System of TCM

    The Disciplinary Properties of TCM

    Clinical System of TCM: Formation and Development

    Accumulation of Clinical Experiences

    Exploration of Disease's Cause and Law

    Preliminary Establishment of TSD

    Accumulation of Therapeutic Experiences

    Theory Inheritance and Practice Standardization

    Complete Summary of Clinical Experiences and the Perfection of TSD Model

    Basic Features of TCM

    The Concept of Holism

    Treatment Based on Syndrome Differentiation

    Philosophical Foundation of TCM

    The Theory of Primordial Qi

    The Theory of Yin-yang

    The Theory of Five Elements

    Interrelationships among Theories of Primordial Qi, Yin-yang and Five Elements

    Model, Method and Architecture of TCM

    The Model of TCM

    The Method of TCM

    The Architecture of TCM

    Main References




    Men Jiuzhang, Guo Lei