1st Edition

A Geographical Survey of Africa, Its Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Productions, States, Populations

By James McQueen Copyright 1969
    303 Pages
    by Routledge

    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    The owner of West Indian plantations, McQueen collected extensive information from slaves which led him correctly to the conclusion that the Niger ended in the great delta of the Blight of Benin. First published in 1840.

    Letter to Lord John Russell—Great errors committed in the pursuit of African Discovery— Improvement of Africa—Suppression of the foreign Slave Trade— the immense Expense which it has cost Great Britain—Great increase of that Trade—Increased productions of Foreign Countries in consequence thereof—Cultivation of the Soil— the true and only way to Improve and to Civilize Africa, GEOGRAPHICAL SURVEY OF AFRICA. General View of Africa, Population and States ; Great Desert, nature, extent, miseries in crossing it ; Arabian Divisions of Africa ; Guinea—the Pepper and Ivory Coasts; Ashantee, or Western Wangara—States, Rivers, Mountains, Manners, Customs, Wars, Slavery; Human Sacrifices—Bloody Fetisch rites, &c; Western division of Africa, Countries, Rivers, Rokelle, Rio Nunez, Rio Grande, Gambia, Senegal, &c. &c; The Niger, or Joliba, and its early tributaries, the Tankisso, Sarano, the Bagoe, the Kowara Ba, Ba Nimma, &c. &c; Butter Tree, Colat-Nut Tree, Jinne, Massina, &c. &c; Course of the Niger below Jinne, Lake Dibbie—Jinbala—the Gozen Zair, the MoosiacaBa, &c. &c; La Mar Zarah River, Cabra, Timbuctoo, small rivers, &c ; The Niger below Timbuctoo—Ghou, Haoussa, Yaoori, States betwixt the Niger and the Kong Mountains, Population, Lake?, Rivers; Boussa, Park's death, &c. &c ; The Niger below Boussa, the Oli, the Moussa, Wawa; Nikky, Rakkah, Rabbah, &c; The Country from Badagry to Katungah; Delta of the Niger; Rio de Formosa, the Calabar, Old Calabar, Bonny, Cameroons, High land of Cameroons, &c. &c; The Lower Niger and the Shadda, &c. &c; Yacoba, Adamowa, Kornorfa, Biafra, &c; Rivers and Countries eastward from Boussa to Bornou, Mayyarrow, Coodonia, Quarrama, &e. &c; Kaslina, Ghana, Oongaroo, Meczara, Lamlam, Agadez, the Yeou, Old Birnie, Gambarou, &c; Bornou, Kouka, Lander and Clapperton’s Itineraries; The River Shary and its tributaries ; Country from Mourzook to Bornou ; the Tibboos, Bilma or Domboo, Kowar, Kanem, &c; Lake Shad, or Zad, Bagherme, Bahr el Gazelle, Wajunga, the Gir, the Asoo, Caugha, Kuku, Lake Fittre, &c; Runza, Dar Saley or Waday, Darfur, Kordofan, Zagawa, Nubia; The Bahr el Abiad, Shilluk, Denke, or Donga, the Bahr el Azreek, Abyssinia, Angot, Gondar, &c. &c; African Rivers which flow to the south, Shoa and Effat, Tadjoura, Zeilah, River Hawash, Ancober ; Berbera—Eastern Horn of Africa, &c. &c; Magdosha, the Zebbee, Narea, Gingiro, &e; Jaba, the Quillimancy, Limmou, the Habahia and its tributaries ; The Zaire or Congo, Cataracts, &c; The Coanza, the Cuanene, Mattemba, Cassange, Meropooa, the Fish River; The Eastern Coast of Africa, the Zambeze and Senna, Tatta, Zanzibar, Quiloa, Population of South Africa, Lakes in Southern Africa; Construction of the Map


    James McQueen