1st Edition

A Guide to General Dental Practice v. 1, Relationships and Responses

    This work includes a foreword By Hew Mathewson, President, General Dental Council. This book is an excellent ready reference for every dental practice to have on hand. Full of practical advice and helpful tips, it offers independent and impartial guidance, especially for new dentists and other staff. It assists competence and provides a thorough understanding of all areas needed for good patient care and professional responsibility. It covers aspects of care including history taking and prescribing, and topics including law, ethics and clinical governance. This completely up to date resource is an essential handbook for all dentistry students and recent vocational training graduates, as well as dental vocational trainers. "Leaving VT to move into practice is an exciting and challenging step and this guide is one of those things you will never know you needed until you cannot find it. It is an incredibly useful collection of information produced by a small group of your colleagues. Until such time as you really need it why not look through it, you will find it helpful and reassuring." - Hew Mathewson, in the Foreword.

    Law and Ethics. Clinical governance. Medical histories. Orthodontics in general practice. Prescribing in practice. Pain, trauma and emergencies. Oral cancer. Your practice.


    Nick Priest (Author) , Hardev Seerha (Author) , Murray Wallace (Author) Respectively Regional Dental Advisor in Vocational Training; General Dental Practitioner; General Dental Practitioner and Vocational Trainer