1st Edition

A Guide to Modern Economics

Edited By Michael Bleaney, Prof David Greenaway Copyright 1996

    This work provides a valuable review of the most important developments in economic theory and application over the last decade. Comprising twenty-seven specially commissioned overviews, the volume presents a comprehensive and student-friendly guide to contemporary economics.
    Previously published by Routledge as part of the Companion to Contemporary Economic Thought, these essays are made available here for the first time in a concise paperback edition. A Guide to Modern Economics will be a valuable guide to all those who wish to familiarize themselves with the most recent developments in the discipline.

    Preface. Preamble David Greenaway Economic Theory. An Overview of Emerging Theory Micheal Bleaney . Expectations in Economics M. Hashem Pesatan . Post-Keynesian Macroeconomics Malcolm C. Sawyer . Public Choice Theory Dennis C. Mueller . Uncertainty in Economics John D. Hey . Strategic Trade Policy W. Max Corden . Recent Developments in Monetary Theory Ronald MacDonald and Ross Milbourne . Economics of the Environment David W. Pearce Game Theory and Strategic Behaviour Christian Monet . International Aspects of Development Economics V. N. Balasubramanyam and A. I. MacBean . Growth Theory Robert M. Solow . Open-Economy Macroeconomics Ronald Shone . Economics of Socialism Paul G. Hare . The Labour Market: Unemployment and Search Theory David Currie and Paul Levine . Determinants of Industry Structure and Contestable Market Theory William J. Baumol . The Growth of the Public Sector , Richard Aronson and Attiat F. Ott Applied Economics. The Role of Applied Economics David Greenaway . Time Series Econometrics Clive W. J. Granger . The Role of Measurement and Testing in Economics Graham Loomes . Cost-Benefit Analysis and Project Appraisal Edward Tower . Applied General Equilibrium Modelling John Whalley Microeconometrics Richard Blundell . Macroeconomic Forecasting Kenneth Holden . Interest Groups and Policy Formulation Chris Milner ., Economic Advice and Economic Policy Alan Peacock . Index.


    Michael Bleaney, Prof David Greenaway