1st Edition

A Guide to Rehabilitation Testimony The Expert's Role as an Educator

By Deutsch Copyright 1990
    512 Pages
    by Routledge

    Anyone working in the rehabilitation arena these days is fully aware of the potential for litigation. Whether you are a counselor, life care planner, case manager, researcher, nurse, or technical expert, the chances of being called to give a deposition or make a courtroom appearance increase daily. Today, the role of the rehabilitation professional is not getting any easier. With litigation more than a possibility in any disability or catastrophic illness case, rehabilitation experts, both plaintiff and defense, need to present themselves in the very best light possible.
    Guide to Rehabilitation Testimony: The Expert's Role as an Educator offers something for everyone, novice and expert alike. Here are 10 comprehensive chapters of courtroom-tested procedures that work. Also provided are 11 valuable appendices. In over 23 years of working as a rehabilitation professional, Dr. Deutsch has spent thousands of hours giving testimony. Here are tried and proven methods of handling yourself and your material in a legal setting.

    The Dual Role of the Rehabilitation Expert
    Utilizing the Rehabilitation Expert: A Defense Attorney's Perspective - Dennis A. Vandenberg
    Utilizing the Rehabilitation Expert: A Plaintiff Attorney's Perspective - Paul E. Godlewski
    Qualifying the Expert and Defining the Role of the Rehabilitation Professional
    The Presentation of the Evaluation, Data Gathering, and Test Procedures
    Presenting the Non-catastrophic Case
    Presenting the Catastrophic Injury Case and Life Care Plan
    The Role of the Economist: Coordinating with the Rehabilitation Expert - Frederick A. Raffa, Ph.D.
    Understanding Structured Settlements: The Role of the Rehabilitation Professional in Working with the Annuity Broker - Richard C. Raffa
    Glossary of Legal Terms
    A: Philosophical Focus for the Rehabilitation Professional: Nine Steps to Reducing Stress in Testimony
    B: Questions for Qualifying the Rehabilitation Expert
    C: Questions for Educating the Judge or Jury on Evaluation Procedures
    D: Questions for the Non-Catastrophic Rehabilitation Case
    E: Questions for Presentation of the Catastrophic Injury
    F-1: Questions for Attorneys to Use in Deposing the Injured Party
    F-2: Clinical Interview and History for Chronic Pain/Chronic Disability
    F-3: Clinical Interview and History for Head and Spinal Cord Injury
    F-4: Clinical Interview and History for Pediatrics
    G: File Check List for Testimony Preparation
    H: Life Care Plan Shell