1st Edition

A Guide to the Sources of British Military History

Edited By Robin HIgham Copyright 1972
    654 Pages
    by Routledge

    678 Pages
    by Routledge

    Designed to fill an overlooked gap, this book, originally published in 1972, provides a single unified introduction to bibliographical sources of British military history. Moreover it includes guidance in a number of fields in which no similar source is available at all, giving information on how to obtain acess to special collections and private archives, and links military history, especially during peacetime, with the development of science and technology.

    1. Introduction 2. Military Developments from Prehistoric Times to 1485 3. Military Developments of the Renaissance 4. The Navy to 1714 5. The Army in the Eighteenth Century 6. The Navy in the Eighteenth Century 7. The Scientific, Technological and Economic Background to 1815 8. The Army in the Eighteenth Century 9. The Navy in the Nineteenth Century: 1. 1815-1853 2. 1854-1914 10. Economic, Scientific, and Technological Background for Military Studies, 1815-1914 11. Colonial Warfare, 1815-1970 12. Resources in the Dominions: 1. British Military History in South Africa 2. Canada and British Military Historiography J3. Australia and British History – A Note 4. A Note on New Zealand Military History 13. The First World War on Land 14. The First World War at Sea 15. The War on the Home Front, 1914-18 16. The Development of the Royal Air Force, 1909-1945  17. The Inter-War Years 18. The Royal Navy, 1939-45 19. The Second World War on Land 20. Britain in the Second World War 21. Science and Technology, 1919-45 22. British Defence Policy Since 1945 23. The Evolution of Military Medicine 24. The Evolution of Naval Medicine 25. The History of Military and Martial Law


    Robin HIgham