1st Edition

A History Of Persia (Volume 1)

By Sir Percy Sykes Copyright 2005

    This is a facsimile of a classic history first published by Macmillan in 1915 and issued in two further editions by Routledge and Kegan Paul. Sir Percy Sykes was an explorer, consul, soldier and a spy who lived and travelled in Persia over a period of twenty-five years. This two-volume collection provides a comprehensive history of Persia from Alexander the Great, through British, French and Russian colonialism, to the early twentieth century oil industry.

    With a new introduction by Sykes' biographer, Antony Wynn, this comprehensive history provides essential background reading to students and academics of Persia.

    I: Configuration and Climate; II: Deserts, Rivers, Flora, Fauna, and Minerals; III: The Geography of Elam and Babylonia; IV: Elam and Susa, the Capital; V: Elam, Sumer, and Akkad at the Dawn of History; VI: Elam and Babylon; VII: The Assyrian Empire and The Downfall of Elam; VIII: The Aryans of Persia—Their Origin and Traditions; IX: The Religion Of The Medes And Persians; X: The Rise Of Media And The Fall Of Assyria; XI: Media, Babylonia, and Lydia; XII: The Heroic Age of Persia; XIII: The Rise of Persia; XIV: The Persian Empire at its Zenith; XV: The Ancient Persians—Their Customs, Language, and Architecture; XVI: Persia and Hellas During the Reign of Darius; XVII: The Repulse of Persia by Hellas; XVIII: The Persian Empire after the Repulse from Hellas; XIX: The Decline of the Persian Empire; XX: The Rise of Macedonia Under Philip and Alexander; XXI: The Battles of the Granicus and of Issus; XXII: The Career of Alexander the Great to the Death of Darius Codomannus; XXIII: The Limit of Conquest; XXIV: The Death of Alexander the Great—His Achievements and Character; XXV: The Wars of the “Successors”; XXVI: The Seleucid Empire to the Rise of Parthia; XXVII: The Rise of Parthia and the Appearance of Rome in Asia; XXVIII: The Expansion of Parthia and the Downfall of the House of Seleucus; XXIX: Parthia, Rome, and Pontus; XXX: Parthia and Rome—The First Trial of Strength; XXXI: Rome and Parthia—The Second Trial of Strength; XXXII: The Organization, Religion, and Architecture of the Parthians; XXXIII: The Struggle For Armenia; XXXIV: The Decline And Fall Of Parthia; XXXV: The Rise of the Sasanian Dynasty; XXXVI: Shapur I., The Captor of Valerian; XXXVII: Shapur The Great; XXXVIII: The Struggle with the White Huns; XXXIX: The Crushing of the White Huns; XL: Noshirwan the Just; XLI: Organization, Language, and Architecture Under the Sasanian Dynasty; XLII: Khusru Parviz and Heraclius; XLIII: The Overthrow of the Persian Empire by the Arabs; XLIV: The Career of Mohamed at Mecca; XLV: The Flight to Medina and the Establishment of Islam; XLVI: Islam Under the First Four Caliphs; XLVII: The Tragedy of Kerbela; XLVIII: Persia A Province of the Omayyad Caliphate; XLVIX: Persian Ascendancy in the Early Abbasid Period


    Sir Percy Sykes