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    A History of Africa is a thorough narrative history of the continent from its beginnings to the twenty-first century. Long established at the forefront of African Studies, this book addresses the events of the 1990s and beyond.

    The issues discussed include:

    • post-apartheid South Africa 
    • the prospects for democratization in Africa at the beginning of the new millennium
    • developments in Muslim North Africa including the threat of Islamic fundamentalism
    • economic and social developments including the devastating impact of Third World debt and the provision of debt relief
    • cultural, environmental and gender issues in Modern Africa.

    Part 1: The Internal Development of African Society  Part 2: The Impact of Islam  Part 3: Africa in the Age of European Expansion  Part 4: Africa in the Modern World


    John Fage, with William Tordoff

    'One of the best single volume treatments.' - Times Educational Supplement