A History of British Socialism : Volume 2 book cover
1st Edition

A History of British Socialism
Volume 2

Edited By

Max Beer

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ISBN 9780415265690
Published December 7, 2001 by Routledge
464 Pages

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Book Description

This is volume 2 of the set A History of British Socialism. These volumes study the political thought experienced as a result of the massive transition of the British countryside to capitalist agriculture and capitalist industry.

Table of Contents

Part III CHARTISM, I. THE GROWTH OF CHARTISM, 1. The Centres and Leaders of the Movement, 2. The London Leaders, 3. The Northem Leaders, 4. The Chartist Schoolmaster, II. THE POLITICAL ORGANISATION OF THE MASSES, I. The London Working Men's Association (L.W.M.A.), 2. The People's Charter, 3. The Binningham Political Union, 4. The National Petition, III. THE CHARTIST MOBILISATION, 1. The Line of Action, 2. Questions of Policy and Internal Dissensions, 3. Socialist Aim and End, IV. THE GENERAL CONVENTION 1. The Opening of the Convention, 2. Discussion on Free Trade, 3. Dissension in the Convention, 4. The Session at Birmingham and the Ulterior Measures, 5. The National Petition and Parliament, 6. The Convention and the General Strike, V. CHARTISTREVOLT AND THE NATIONAL CONSCIENCE, 1. The Insurrection in South Wales, 2. Wholesale Arrests, 3. First Effects of Chartism on Literature, VI. REORGANISATION AND ELECTORAL POLICY, 1. The National Charter Association (N.C.A.), 2. Other Plans for Organisation, 3. Electoral Policy, 4. Chartists and Radicals, 5. The Second National Petition, VII. THE CULMINATION OF CHARTISM, 1. Economic Distress and General Strike, 2. Trials and Disorganisation, 3. O'Connor's Plan of Agrarian Reform, 4. New Leaders, VIII. THE FINAL FLICKER AND EXTINCTION I. Parliamentary Elections of 1847, 2. Chartism and the Internationals, 3. The Petition and April 10, 1848, 4. The Last Stage of Chartism, IX. MORAL INFLUENCE OF CHARTISM, 1. Conservative Social Reform Movements, 2. The Oxford Movement and Young England, 3. Christian Socialism, 4. J. S. Mill and Richard Jones, 5. Concluding Remarks, Part IV MODERN SOCIALISM (1855-1939), X. MAIN CURRENTS OF THE PERIOD, 1. Zenith of Liberalism, 2. Liberal Labour. Birth of State Socialism, 3. Independent Labour. Revolutionary Socialism, XI. INTERNATIONALISM AND LIBERAL LABOUR, 1. Years of Apathy, 2. Karl Marx, 3. Address and Rules, 4. Activity and Failure of the International, 5. Liberal Labour Organisations, XII. REVIVAL OF SOCIALISM, 1. Exhaustion of Liberal Thought, 2. Marx and Hyndman, 3. The Assault on Orthodox Political Economy, 4. The Influence of Mill and the Land Reformers, XIII. SOCIALIST ORGANISATIONS, 1. The Democratic Federation, 2. The Socialist League, 3. The Social Democratic Federation, 4. Programme and Electoral Policy of the S.D.F., 5. The Relation Between the S.D.F. and Trade Unionism, XIV. THE FABIAN SOCIETY, 1. Origin and Name, 2. From Owen and Marx to Webb, 3. Aim and Policy of Fabianism, 4. Programme and Methods, 5. Literary and Scientific Work, 6. Fabian (Labour) Research Department, 7. Educational Work and Women's Movement, XV. INDEPENDENT LABOUR POLITICS, 1. Onslaughts on Liberal Labour, 2. Formation of the I.L.P., 3. Parliamentary and Municipal Elections, 4. The "Clarion" Auxiliaries of the I.L.P., 5. Keir Hardie and His Coadjutors, XVI. FORMATION OF THE LABOUR PARTY, 1. Abortive Strikes and the Subversion of Trade Union Law, 2. The Trade Union Congress of 1899, 3. The Labour Representation Committee, 4. Growth of the L.R.C., XVII. PROBLEMS OF THE LABOUR PARTY, 1. Labour Politics and Socialism, 2. Labour's Declaration of Independence, 3. The Osborne Decision, XVIII. THE SOCIAL REVOLUTIONARY FERMENT, 1. Economic and Political Influences, 2. Educational Influences, 3. Revolutionary Trade Unionism: Direct Action, 4. The Mass Strike Movements, 5. Rise of Guild Socialism, 6. Nationalisation and Control of Industry, XIX. LABOUR IN POLITICS, 1. Achievements of Parliamentary Action, 2. Attitude Towards Foreign Affairs and the War, XX. REORGANISATIONS OF THE SOCIALIST PARTIES, 1. The British Socialist Party, 2. The National Socialist Party, 3. The Independent Labour Party, 4. The Socialist Labour Party, 5. Various Organisations, XXI. REORGANISATION OF THE LABOUR PARTY, 1. Causes of the Reorganisation, 2. The Essentials of the New Constitution, 3. The Constructive Programme, XXII. GREAT BRITAIN IN TRANSFORMATION 1917-28, 1. From Individualist to Corporate Enterprise, 2. General View of Organised Labour 1917-28, 3. The Mining Industry as Storm-Centre, 4. Reflections on the General Strike and Labour, 5. Rise of the Communist Party, 6. Labour Party, its Growth and Policy, 1918-28, 1. The Essence of Labour Party and Trade Unionist Policy, XXIII. THE YEARS 1929-39, 1. The Difficulties of Labour Governments, 2. The Economic Crisis, 3. The Labour Government in Crisis, 4. Defection and Defeat, 5. Revival and Statement of Policy, INDEX

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Max Beer (Author)