A History of Early Medieval Europe : From 476-911 book cover
1st Edition

A History of Early Medieval Europe
From 476-911

ISBN 9780367184582
Published December 31, 2020 by Routledge
636 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1956, A History of Early Medieval Europe traces the changes that took place in Europe between the fifth and tenth centuries, a time of social and political upheaval, when the organization of the Roman Empire, with its single emperor, army and civil service, was replaced by the divided Europe of the Germanic kingdom in the west and the Byzantine empire in the east.

Table of Contents

1. The Roman Heritage in 476

2. The Barbarian Movements and Settlements

3. The Ostrogoths in Italy

4. The Franks

5. The Vandals

6. The Visigoths

7. Economic Change

8. The Formation of the Eastern Empire

9. East Roman Imperial Policy from Zeno to Justinian (474-565)

10. The Church from the Fifth to the Eighth Century

11. Islam: Origins and Conquests

12. The Eastern Empire from Justinian to the Iconoclasts: The Heraclians

13. The Greco-Roman and Christian Heritage

14. The Lombards in Italy

15. The Later Merovingians

16. Charles Martel and Pepin the Short

17. The Carolingian Political Scene

18. The Carolingian Conquests

19. The Carolingian Conquests: Continued

20. The Christian Empire

21. The Byzantine Empire from 711 to 912: The Isaurian Emperors, the Amorians and the Rise of the Macedonian Dynasty

22. The Divisions of the Carolingian Empire 814-843

23. The Carolingian Empire from 843 till the Death of Charles the Fat, 888

24. Celts and Scandinavians

25. The Slavs

26. The Carolingian Renaissance: Schools and Scholars

27. The Carolingian Renaissance: The Contribution to Knowledge

28. The End of the Carolingian Empire

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