1st Edition

A History of Eastern Christianity

By Aziz S. Atiya Copyright 1968

    A History of Eastern Christianity (1968) is a scholarly and comprehensive account of the history of the non-Greek churches of Eastern Christendom. Alexandrine and Antiochian Christianity, with their ramifications in Africa and Asia, are the subjects of an overall survey that ranges from their origins to modern times. The author deals with every Eastern Church, Coptic, Ethiopian, Jacobite, Nestorian, Armenian, Indian and Maronite, as well as the vanished churches of Nubia and North Africa. He gives a preliminary outline of each church, followed by an analytical summary of the faith and culture. He deals not only with the hierarchy, rites, ceremonials and monastic rule, but also with music, art, architecture and literature.

    Part 1. Alexandrine Christianity: the Copts and their Church  1. Introductory  2. Origins of Coptic Christianity  3. The Copts and the World  4. Aftermath of Chalcedon  5. The Copts Under Arab Rule  6. Modern Times  7. Coptic Faith and Culture  8. The Ethiopians  Part 2. Antioch and the Jacobites  9. Origin and Development  10. The Jacobites in History  11. Faith and Culture  Part 3. The Nestorian Church  12. Origins and Development  13. Expansion of the Nestorian Church  14. The Nestorians and the Caliphate  15. The Nestorians in Modern Times  16. Faith and Culture  Part 4. The Armenian Church  17. Introduction  18. Origins and Development of Armenian Christianity  19. Times of Trial  20. Armenian Faith and Culture  Part 5. The St Thomas Christians of South India  21. Historical Survey  22. Social and Religious Life  Part 6. The Maronite Church  23. Prelude  24. Origins and Development  25. Modern History  26. Organization, Faith and Culture  Part 7.  27 The Vanished Churches  28. Epilogue


    Aziz S. Atiya