1st Edition

A History of Economic Theory Essays in honour of Takashi Negishi

Edited By Aiko Ikeo, Heinz D. Kurz Copyright 2009
    ISBN 9780415746762
    240 Pages
    Published November 8, 2013 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415433044
    240 Pages
    Published June 10, 2009 by Routledge

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    Few economists have been as prolific and wide-ranging as Takashi Negishi. Part of the "Hicksian" generation of Neo-Walrasian general equilibrium theorists, Negishi rose to prominence during the early 1960s with his work on the Neo-Walrasian system. Negishi's signature has been his attempt to extend the multi-market Neo-Walrasian system in several directions to incorporate concerns such as imperfect comptetition, stability, money, trade and unemployment - and, as a consequence, helping to discover and delineate the limits of conventional theory.

    This collection in honour of Takashi Negishi analyses his contributions to the history of economic theory. Economists paying tribute within this volume include Neri Salvadori, Laurence Moss, and Joaquim Silvestre.

    Part 1: Introduction.  Introduction.  Takashi Negishi and the History of Economics  Part 2: Classical and Marxian Economics.  Takashi Negishi and Classical Economics: Against a ‘Whig History’ of Economics.  Neo-Ricardian Theory of Differential Rent and Marxian Theory of Exploitation.  Growth, Knowledge, and Markets in Smith and Ricardo.  A Smithian View of Prices and Distribution in a Growing Economy.  Alternative Views on Ricardian Trade Theory: Terms of Trade, Gains from Trade, and Unequal Exchange  Part 3: Implicit Linkages.  Professor Takashi Negishi and the Austrian School.  Concepts of Value and Price in the History of Marginal Utility Theory.  The Extent of the Market and Market Interactions: A Missing Linkage in the Non-Walrasian Tradition  Part 4: Non-Walrasian Economics.  Negishi's Vision: Monopolistic Competition, Non-Walrasian Theory and the Macroeconomy.  Takashi Negishi on Trade Theory and Political Economy.  Disequilibrium Approach in the History of Keynesian Economics


    Aiko Ikeo is currently Professor of Economics at Waseda University, Japan.

    Heinz D. Kurz is Professor of Economics and Director of the Graz Schumpeter Centre at the University of Graz, Austria.

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