1st Edition

A History of England

By Llewellyn Woodward Copyright 1962
    250 Pages
    by Routledge

    First Published in 1947, A History of England combines a concise record of events with an absorbing picture of England’s evolution in the political, social, economic, and cultural spheres. It brings important themes like Britain under the Romans; the Norman conquest; Edward I and the parliaments; the civil war; Oliver Cromwell and Puritan England; the revolution of 1688; England in the eighteenth and nineteenth century; the defeat of Napoleon; the early twentieth century and the first German war; Britain between the two wars; British foreign policy between 1919 to 1939 and the Second World War and after. This comprehensive volume is a must read for students of British history.

    1. Britain under the Romans 2. The Anglo-Saxons 3. Alfred: The Danish Invasions: The Norman Conquest 4. The Angevins and the Great Charter 5. Edward I and ‘Parliaments’ 6. The Hundred Years War: Lancastrians and Yorkists 7. The End of the Middle Ages 8. The Tudor Monarchy and the Church 9. The Elizabethan Age 10. The Breakdown of the Royal Government 11. The Civil War: Oliver Cromwell and Puritan England 12. The Reign of Charles II: The Revolution of 1688: The War Against Louis XIV 13. England in the Eighteenth Century 14. Walpole: Chatham: The Loss of America: The Defeat of Napoleon 15. England in the Nineteenth Century 16. Free Trade: Sir Robert Peel and Lord Palmerston 17. Mr. Gladstone and Ireland: Imperialism: The South African War 18. The Early Twentieth Century and the First German War 19. Great Britain Between the Two Wars: Domestic Politics and Economic Problems 20. British Foreign Policy from 1919 to 1939 21. The Second German War and After Index


    E. L. Woodward was Professor of Modern History and of International Relations at Oxford and Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.