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A History of England

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The Anglo-Saxon Age c.400-1042

The Anglo-Saxon Age c.400-1042

1st Edition

By D. J. V. Fisher
November 08, 1976

An introductory survey which provides a clear and accessible account of the centuries between the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons and the Norman Conquest....

Eighteenth Century England

Eighteenth Century England

1st Edition

By Dorothy Marshall
April 14, 1975

A standard introduction to the period which has retained its popularity with generations of students...

The Later Middle Ages in England 1216 - 1485

The Later Middle Ages in England 1216 - 1485

1st Edition

By Bertie Wilkinson
October 24, 1977

This distinguished historical narrative of the Tudor period considers the major themes of the period: the resoration of order, reformation of the Church andthe opening phase in the development of a new England....

The Feudal Kingdom of England 1042-1216

The Feudal Kingdom of England: 1042-1216

5th Edition

By Frank Barlow
May 06, 1999

Now in its fifth edition, this hugely successful text remains as vivid and readable as ever. Frank Barlow illuminates every aspect of the Anglo-Norman world, but the central appeal of the book continues to be its firm narrative structure. Here is a fascinating story compellingly told.At the ...

The Age of Urban Democracy England 1868 - 1914

The Age of Urban Democracy: England 1868 - 1914

2nd Edition

By Donald Read
January 17, 1994

This ambitious survey covers all aspects of the period in which English society acquired its modern shape -- industrial rather than agricultural, urban rather than rural, democratic in its institutions, and middle class rather than aristocratic in the control of political power. For this revised ...

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