1st Edition

A History of Ghana

By W.E.F. Ward Copyright 1958

    A History of Ghana (1958) uses both European archives and considerable research among African traditional histories to examine the history of the Gold Coast and Ghana. The African histories are particularly important, as many village traditions, and more so those of larger towns, have traditions that date back hundreds of years, and whose accuracy can be tallied with those of their neighbours. Accounts from Western sources do not shy away from detailing British mistakes in government, and the resulting book is an even-handed history with much under-read research direct from African sources.

    1. The Face of the Land  2. Population and Pre-History  3. Before the Coming of the Portuguese  4. Early European Voyages to the Gold Coast  5. The Europeans on the Gold Coast during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries  6. The Native States, 1600–1733  7. British Ashanti and Fante till 1816  8. Treaties with Ashanti, 1816–1859  9. The Growth of British Rule, 1830–1859  10. Ashanti and Other Native States in the Time of Osei Yaw Akoto and Kwaku Dua, 1824–1867  11. British, Dutch and Fate, 1863–1874  12. Ashanti from 1869–1902  13. Political History, 1874–1938  14. Towards Independence  15. The Development of Local Government  16. Social and Economic History


    W.E.F. Ward