1st Edition

A History of Irish Economic Thought

Edited By Thomas Boylan, Renee Prendergast, John Turner Copyright 2011
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    For a country that can boast a distinguished tradition of political economy from Sir William Petty through Swift, Berkeley, Hutcheson, Burke and Cantillon through to that of Longfield, Cairnes, Bastable, Edgeworth, Geary and Gorman, it is surprising that no systematic study of Irish political economy has been undertaken.

    In this book the contributors redress this glaring omission in the history of political economy, for the first time providing an overview of developments in Irish political economy from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Logistically this is achieved through the provision of individual contributions from a group of recognized experts, both Irish and international, who address the contribution of major historical figures in Irish political economy along the analysis of major thematic issues, schools of thought and major policy debates within the Irish context over this extended period.

    Introduction  Part 1. Ireland and the Birth of Political Economy  1. The Irish Connection and the Birth of Political Economy: Petty and Cantillon Anthony Brewer  2. Swift and Berkeley on Economic Development Salim Rashid and Edward McPhail  3. Virtue, Vice and Political Economy- Engaging the Eighteenth Century Debates Renee Prendergast  Part 2. The Classical Era: The Rise and Fall of Laissez-Faire  4. "A Science Unknown in Ireland": Political Economy in 19th Century Ireland Peter Gray  5. The Trinity College School of Value and Distribution Lawrence Moss  6. Irish Agriculture-Land Tenure Systems, Redistribution and Risk Charles Hickson  7. Cairnes on Land, Laissez-faire: An Irish Challenge to Political Economy T.A. Boylan and T. P. Foley  8. Irish Debates on Money and Banking John Turner  9. Bastable on Trade and Public Finance John Maloney and Tom Boylan  10. The Peculiarities of Place: The Irish Historical School Roger Backhouse  Part 3 . Into the Twentieth Century- Irish Contributions to Economic Theory  11. Edgeworth Alberto Baccini  12. Roy Geary John Spencer  13. Terence Gorman Patrick Honohan and Peter Neary  Part 4. Policy and Economic Development-Shifting Economic Paradigms  14. Religion, Nationalism and Political Economy in the Early Twentieth Century Gearoid O Tuathaigh  15. Political Economy- from Nation Building to Stagnation Graham Brownlow  16. Export Led Growth, Multinational Corporations and Economic Development Frank Barry


    Renee Prendergast is Lecturer in Economics at Queens University, Belfast, UK.

    Thomas Boylan is Professor of Economics at the University of Galway, Ireland.

    John Turner is Professor of Finance at Queens University, Belfast, UK.