3rd Edition

A History of Medieval Europe From Constantine to Saint Louis

By R.H.C. Davis Copyright 2005
    496 Pages
    by Routledge

    496 Pages
    by Routledge

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    R.C. Davis provided the classic account of the European medieval world; equipping generations of undergraduate and ‘A’ level students with sufficient grasp of the period to debate diverse historical perspectives and reputations. His book has been important grounding for both modernists required to take a course in medieval history, and those who seek to specialise in the medieval period.

    In updating this classic work to a third edition, the additional author now enables students to see history in action; the diverse viewpoints and important research that has been undertaken since Davis’ second edition, and progressed historical understanding. Each of Davis original chapters now concludes with a ‘new directions and developments’ section by Professor RI Moore, Emeritus of Newcastle University.

    A key work updated in a method that both enhances subject understanding and sets important research in its wider context. A vital resource, now up-to-date for generations of historians to come.

    Part One: The Dark Ages Introduction 1. Constantine the Great: The New Rome and Christianity 2. The barbarian invasions 3. Three reactions to the barbarian invasions 4. The Church and the Papacy 5. Islam 6. The Franks 7. The Break-up of the Carolingian Empire 8. Europe at the end of the ninth century: economic survey Part Two: The High Middle Ages (900-1250) Introduction. 1. The Saxon Empire 2. The Reform of the Papcy 3. Monasticism in the 11th and 12th centuries 4. Jerusalem regained and lost: the first three Crusades. 5. Feudal monachy and the French Kingdom (1066-1223) 6.The Emperor Frederrick I Barbarossa (1152-1190) 7. The Crisis of the Church 8. The new era in monachy 9. Europe in the middle of the 13th century: an economic survey Epilogue: the Mongols


    R. H. C. Davis, R. I. Moore, Joanna, Huntington