1st Edition

A History of Pre-Cinema V3

Edited By Stephen Herbert Copyright 2000

    Volume 3 of A History of Pre-Cinema contains a complete reprint of Olive Cook's book Movement in Two Dimensions. In it, the author carefully describes how each of the technologies worked, but she is more concerned with the aesthetic and cultural than the technical.

    Movement in Two Dimensions, Olive Cook, Hutchinson, 1963: 1. Mirrors and Magic 2. Peepshows and Panoramas 3. Far Eastern Shadows 4. Karagöz 5. The Chinese Shades 6. Dissolving Views 7. Living Models 8. The Persistence of Vision.


    Stephen Herbert trained as a media technician, and spent many years in film exhibition and production. His interest in the origins of the moving image led to Stephen co-editing the influential book and website Who’s Who of Victorian Cinema, and contributions to academic journals. With his partner he ran the small press The Projection Box, and has recently retired as a freelance museum consultant.

    'This three volume set is a unique fascimile set of rare documents on "Time Based" Visual Media. The books concentrate on items published beforde the spread of cinema and later references to devices of that period. Priority is given to documents that are rare and/or difficult to consult. For this, the set has great value for researchers by giving insight on vintage documents dating back to the period before the dawn of cinematography & cinema' - Early Visual Media.