1st Edition

A History of Russian Economic Thought

By Vincent Barnett Copyright 2005
    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    The collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic at the end of the 1980’s was conceived as a victory for capitalist democracy. Here, Vincent Barnett provides the first comprehensive account of the historical development of Russian and Soviet economic thought across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and considers its future in the twenty-first century.

    Utilizing an extensive range of historical sources, Barnett examines the different strands of thought, including classical, neoclassical, historical, socialist, liberal and Marxian schools. He traces their influence, and the impact their ideas had on shaping policies. An excellent addition to the Routledge History of Economic Thought series, this book covers pre-1870, Tsarist economics, the late Tsarist period, the impact of the war, Bolshevik economics, Stalinist economics, Russian economics after 1940.

    Incorporating a detailed timeline of the most significant Russian economists work and analyzing the effects of historical discontinuities on the institutional structure of Russian economics as a discipline, Barnett delivers an essential text for postgraduates and professionals interested in economic history and the evolution of Russian economic thought.

    Preface. Acknowledgements.  Timeline.  Part 1: Introduction  1. The General Approach Adopted  2. Russia and Its Economists  3. Issues in the History of Russian Economic Thought  4. Conclusion  Part 2: Prelude  1. Western Economic Theory in Russia  2. Indigenous Economic Thought  3. Russian Economy for Western Readers  4. Conclusion  Part 3: The Russian Economic Mind under Tsarism, 1870-1890  1. Classical Economics in Russia  2. Historical Political Economy in Russia  3. Marxist Economics in Russia  4. Narodnik Economics in Russia  5. Ministers of Finance  6. Conclusion  Part 4: Socialism and Development in Late Tsarism, 1890-1913  1. Legal Marxism  2. National Development  3. Non-Marxian Socialism  4. Conclusion  Part 5: Economic Theory in Late Tsarism, 1890-1913  1. Mathematical Economics  2.  Statistical Theory  3. Public Finance  4. The Theory of Markets  5. Conclusion  Part 6: Interregnum  1. Russian War Finance  2. Economic Theory in Wartime  3. The Economics of Imperialism  4. Conclusion  Part 7: The Russian Economic Mind under Bolshevism, 1917-1929  1. The Consequences of Bolshevik Control  2. From War Communism to NEP  3. Agricultural Economics in NEP  4. The Economics of Planning  5. Business Cycle Analysis  6. Institutional Economists on Socialism  7. Conclusion  Part 8: The Russian Economic Mind under Stalinism, 1929-1940  1. Intellectual Exile  2. Officially Sanctioned Economic Discourse  3. Émigré Economists  4. Western Economists on the Soviet System  5.  Conclusion  Part 9: Conclusion  1. The Tragedy of Russian Economics  2. The Currents and Themes of Russian Economics  Part 10: Epilogue 1. Soviet Economics After Stalin  2. The Restoration of Market Forms of Control.  Appendix.  Notes.  Bibliography.  Name Index.  Subject Index


    Vincent Barnett