1st Edition

A History of the Greek World from 479 to 323 B.C.

By M.L.W. Laistner Copyright 1957
    510 Pages
    by Routledge

    A History of the Greek World from 479 to 323 B.C. (1957) examines the period of Greek history – from the end of the Persian Wars to the death of Alexander the Great – which can claim to be unique in the history of the world. Into the brief space of five generations are crowded such a galaxy of great poets, artists, politicians and thinkers, whose creative achievements directly or indirectly exerted an unparalleled influence on Western civilisation since.

    1. Greece and Persia, 479 to 448 B.C.  2. The Greek Homeland, 479 to 423 B.C.  3. The Greeks of the West  4. The Greek Peloponnesian War: First Stage, 431 to 421 B.C.  5. The Peloponnesian War: Second and Third Stages, 420 to 404 B.C.  6. Sparta as an Imperial State  7. The Hegemony of Thebes  8. The Rise of Philip of Macedon  9. The Triumph of Philip  10. The Greeks in the West During the Fourth Century  11. The Conquests of Alexander  12. The Empire of Alexander  13. Greek Warfare  14. The Government of the City-States  15. Greek Economic Life  16. Greek Art  17. Greek Language and Literature  18. Greek Science and Philosophy  19. Greek Religion


    M.L.W. Laistner