1st Edition

A History of the Roman World 753 to 146 BC

By H. H. Scullard Copyright 2013
    520 Pages
    by Routledge

    520 Pages
    by Routledge

    With a new foreword by Tim Cornell

    ‘Can anyone be so indifferent or idle as not to care to know by what means and under what kind of polity almost the whole inhabited world was conquered and bought under the dominion of a single city of Rome?’Polybius, Greek Historian

    The city of Rome created the foundations of an empire that would come to challenge and conquer the great civilizations of Europe and the Near East. H.H. Scullard’s definitive and highly acclaimed study reveals the peculiar genius of the Roman people, their predilection for law and order and their powers of organization and administration, all of which created a confederation the like of which the Greek World had never seen.

    He explores the political, military, economic and social history of this incredible empire, showing how the Romans realized an ecumenical ideal and embraced Western Civilization within one political system. Celebrated for its political and military victories as well as its incredible feats of engineering, literature and art. Scullard charts the foundation of Rome, the establishment of the Republic, and its spectacular rise until the fall of Carthage. Scullard not only explores the accomplishments of the empire but vividly delves into the corruptive foreign influences which began to undermine the moral qualities of Rome, when lust for power superseded the desire for law and order.

    A superb overview of this charged historical epoch, A History of the Roman World takes us inside the pivotal events and struggles which have heavily influenced modern western civilizations.

    List of Maps  Foreword to the Routledge Classics Edition  Preface to first edition  Preface to second edition Preface to third edition Preface to fourth edition  Introduction Part 1 Rome and Italy  1. The Land and Its Peoples  2. Regal Rome  3. The New Republic and the Struggle of the Orders  4. The Roman Republic and Its Neighbours  5. The Union of The Orders and The Constitution  6. Rome's Conquest and Organization of Italy  Part 2 Rome and Carthage  7. The First Struggle  8. The Entr'acte  9. Hannibal's Offensive and Rome's Defensive  10. Scipio and Rome's Offensive  Part 3 Rome and the Mediterranean  11. Rome and Greece  12. Rome and Antiochus  13. Rome and the Eastern Mediterranean  14. Rome, Italy and the Western Mediterranean  15. Roman Policy and the Government  Part 4 Roman Life and Culture  16. Economic and Social Organization  17. Literature and Art  18. Roman Religion  19. Sources and Authorities  Chronological Table  Select Bibliography  Abbreviations  Notes  Index


    H. H. Scullard (1903-1983) taught at New College Oxford from 1935 to 1939 before becoming Professor of Ancient History at King’s College London. His many books include the Oxford Classical Dictionary and From the Gracchi to Nero which is also in the Routledge Classics series.